What is a good French Tongue twister?

Un chasseur sachant chasser sans son chien, doit, savior faire secher ses chausseurs sur une souche secheA hunter knowing how to chase his dog, must know how to have his shoes dried on a Dry bench!

Pronunciation of "tous"?

I was listening to a podcast and the speaker (a native of France) pronounced the *s* at the end of *tous* in this sentence, pronouncing it as *tousse*:> Nous sommes tous partis en voiture pour... more

How can you tell the difference between "il parle" and "ils parlent"?

As far as I can tell "il parle" and "ils parlent" are pronounced identically. So how can you tell the difference between them? The same goes for "elle/elles"+verb and all other verbs where the... more


Joyeuses Fêtes à tous à toutes - Is this accurate french?

I was just given this line from a Canadian government French translation department, but I don't think that it makes sense, does it? > Joyeuses Fêtes à tous à toutesTranslates to “Happy Holidays... more

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