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7 Answered Questions for the topic #wordproblem #math

#wordproblem #math


Jim has $6 more dollars than Dave. Together they have $78 How much money does Jim have?

Need to find out how much money does Jim have
#wordproblem #math


A bag of potting soul sells for $2 and a bag of fertilizer sells for $13 what is the expression for the total cost of 4 bags of soil and 2 bags or fertilizer?

I really am not sure how to solve this soo I need some help :) 
#wordproblem #math


State an equation that represents the cost of C, when s songs are downloaded

Sandy programmed a website's checkout process with an equation to calculate the amount customers will be charged when they download songs. The website offers a discount. If one song is bought at... more
#wordproblem #math #problem Solving #word


A certain number when multiplied by 5 and then added to 7 gives 42. What is that number?

I know this is quite simple but i forgot the method?? Please help, thanks.
#wordproblem #math



How many litres of green mango beans costing ¥4.25/litre must be mixed with 150 litres of yellow mango beans costing ¥6.50/litre to make a mixture which will cost ¥5.00/litre?
#wordproblem #math


John used 47ft of molding in threepieces to trim a garagedoor If long piece was 2ft longer than three times the length of each shorter piece,long was each piece

it's for a math homework and I understand the beginning steps I just don't know how to get to the end. 
#wordproblem #math


Please help me!!!!!

The average speed of a moving van is 24 km/h faster than that of a delivery truck. If the van travels the same distance in 5h as the delivery truck traves in 7h, find the average speed of each... more

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