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Subtracting Integers


how to solve word problems

Dean Baldus enjoys scuba diving. He dives to 36 ft below the surface of a lake. His partner Jeff Balius, dives to 42 ft below the surface, but then ascends 24 ft. Find the vertical distance between... more
Subtracting Integers


Melanie has $64 in her checking account. she writes a check for $75. What is Melanie's checking account balance after writing the check?

I don't know how to do this question 
Subtracting Integers


Write a subtraction expression for the vertical distance the shark traveled

a  it at -80 feet, he swims up and jumps out of the water to the height of 15 feet
Subtracting Integers


Through exercise, Rod went from 8 lb above his "ideal" body weight to 9 lb below it. How many pounds did Rod lose?

The book says the answer is 17 lb. I can't figure out how this can be. I see the problem as 8 + (-9) = -1. I don't see how both numbers are to be added. HELP!!!!
Subtracting Integers


negative one third divided by twenty-one

we are studying subtracting integers with fractions but i am not getting it. Even with the negatives  
Subtracting Integers Subtraction


a driver was 54 feet below the surface of the ocean and then descented another 67 feet. he then rose 59 feet what integer represents the drivers new depth

A -62 feet                                   C 46 feet         B -46 feet                                   D 62 feet  
Subtracting Integers Math



What is negative 1 minus negative 5?
Subtracting Integers


seven minus negative four

I need to find out what is seven minus negative four

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