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Sentence Final Particles Grammar Japanese Anime


In what situations can you use ぞ as a sentence ender?

When can one use the sentence ender ぞ? I've only ever heard it anime, so I'm unsure of it's actual usage in the real world. Is it not used that often or limited to specific age/gender groups?
Sentence Final Particles Grammar Japanese


Sentence (question) ending かい - how is it different from just か?

I sometimes find questions that are normally ended with the question particle か to end with かい. For example: > いいかい? > そうかい? > あいつがどうかしたかい? And sometimes with just い without か (if I... more
Sentence Final Particles Grammar Japanese Word Choice


Function of the sentence final particle こと in this sentence?

I am wondering what is the correct way to interpret the こと in this sentence: >どこかへお花見に行きませんこと。 It is an example sentence found in the book "All About Particles" (page 120). It's described as... more

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