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Rewriting Equations To Standard Forms


What is the point slope form of -4, 5 and -8,3

Write an equation in all 3 forms that goes through the points (-4,5 and (-8,3
Rewriting Equations Math Algebra


Algebra. Cpm. Help. My teacher can't teach!

9x= (1/3)x+3  


Rewrite the parametric equations in Cartesian form: x(t)=4-t & y(t)=3t+2

A.) 14-3x B.) x+4 C.) 3x+2 D.) 4-x


Find The Equation. The intercepts of the parabola are (-1,0), (5,0) and (0,15)

Rewriting Equations


. On your cell phone bill you are charged a $25 fee and $0.25 for each text you send what is the independent variable and what is the dependent variable

I am learning about independent and dependent variables and need some helo
Rewriting Equations Slope Intercept Form Slope Point


How do I write equations in slope-intercept form when I am given the slope(3) and a point(2,3)?

I just don't understand at all. Could you maybe give me an example, then show your work and solve it? 

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