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Rates,ratio And Proportion Ratios Ratios And Proportions Ratio


Please Help, I have a ratio problem I can't solve

An Arnold Palmer is a half lemonade, half iced tea mix. Maggie is trying to make herself an Arnold Palmer, but she likes hers to be 2/3 lemonade and 1/3 iced tea. She currently has a 22 oz of 50-50... more
Rates,ratio And Proportion


a milkman distributed 210 bottles of milk every morning between 4 am to 7 am

find his rates of delivery in bottles/hour
Rates,ratio And Proportion


The manager determined that 35% of the shoes were athletic shoes. If the shipment consisted of 560 pairs of shoes, how many were not athletic shoes?

Have to find how many are not athletic shoes
Rates,ratio And Proportion Arithmetic Problems Arithmetic


It takes 12 days for 6 people t o make 288 chairs, how many days does it take for 4 people to make 108 chairs

Time and work related problem dealing with 3 factors. Steps to Solve?
Rates,ratio And Proportion


Ratio, Direct and Inverse proportion

1. Of the number of student ID cards issued to newly enrolled students of University of Ghana, Legon, one-third (1/3) were issued to main campus students, one-third (1/3) of what remained were also... more

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