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Other Math


Math Assignment

A college offers tutoring in Math, English, Chemistry, and Biology. The number of students enrolled in each subject is listed below. If the college can only afford to hire 18 tutors, determine how... more
Other Math Algebra 1 Algebra


Math Assignemnt

Aaron and Jacqueline want to split a bag of fun-sized candy, and decide to use the divider-chooser method. The bag contains 100 Snickers, 100 Milky Ways, and 100 Reese's, which Aaron values at $1,... more
Other Math Math


Set Builder Notations

1) Find 3 different elements that are in both 6Z and 8Z (where Z is an integer). Is there a convenient way to describe the set of all elements that are in both 6Z and 8Z?   2) For k is a natural... more
Other Math Proofs Math Proofs


Induction proofs

Exercise 2.25: P(n) is the number of regions in the plane formed by n lines in general position: n=1, p(n)=2; n=2, p(n)=4; n=3, p(n)=7; n=4, p(n)=11; n=5, p(n)=16; n=6, p(n)=22.2.76) Finish the... more

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