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Organic Synthesis Organic Chemistry


Why did the crystals not form

In chemistry lab today when we were synthesizing aspirin, our mixture of 7.08g salicylic acid, 16.5ml of acetic anhydride and 20 drops of 85% of phosphoric acid did not form crystals after it was... more


How do I tell the difference with an IR spectrum of 2-hexanol and 1-hexanol?

  It seems like the OH peak is less intense on 2-hexanol...why?


Synthesis of Physostigmine

I am trying to break down the synthesis of Physostigmine. In steps 9 and 10 in this synthesis picture https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physostigmine#/media/File:Julian_synthesis.gif, how is the Et... more
Organic Synthesis


Organic Chemistry Synthesis

Using benzene and 1-bromopropane as your carbon sources complete a synthesis of 3-phenylpropanal using any other necessary reagents

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