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Logical Operators C++ C++ Macros


c++, logical operators

Write a tiny library and submit it in files AboutDog.h and AboutDog.cpp. This library has the only function:void AboutDog(const std::string & dogName, unsigned int description)The... more
Logical Operators Philosophy Critical Thinking


Use both the direct and indirect truth-table to show whether the above argument is valid.

Symbolize the following argument using the symbols for simple statements and logical operators discussed in chapter 6. If it is not the case that humans have free-will then God is to blame for the... more
Logical Operators Logic Javascript


Why does 2 && 3 results in 3 (javascript)?

When I type in browser's console: console.log(2 && 3) it results always with second number (in this case 3): 3 Can someone explain me why?
Logical Operators Logic Php Ternary Operator


unusual ternary operation?

I was asked to perform this operation of ternary operator use: $test='one'; echo $test == 'one' ? 'one' : $test == 'two' ? 'two' : 'three'; Which prints two (checked using php). I am still... more
Logical Operators Logic


Are || and ! operators sufficient to make every possible logical expression?

The logical expression `( a && b )` *(both `a` and `b` have boolean values)* can be written like `!(!a || !b)`, for example. Doesn't this mean that `&&` is "unneccesary"? Does this... more
Logical Operators C++ C Logic


What happens when you logical not a float?

I assume this just returns an int. Is there anything else going on I should be aware of? C/C++ differences? float a = 2.5; !a; // What does this return? Int? Float?
Logical Operators Java Logic C#


How to create a method to return 1 or 0 without using conditions?

I was asked a question in an interview to return 1 if provided 0 and return 0 if provided 1 without using conditions i.e if, ternary etc Just to give you and idea below code without if's: public... more

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