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Need Help finding constant C in joint pmf for two discrete variables

Determine the constant c so that f (x, y) satisfies the conditions of being a joint pmf for two discrete random variables X and Y:   f (x, y) = c(1/4)^x * (1/3)^y, where x = 1, 2, . . . , y = 1,... more
Joint Probability Statistics Statistics Question


Joint Probability: Let P(A) = .3, P(B) = .4 and P( A U B ) = .7 a. What is the joint probability of A and B? b. Find the probability of the complement of A.

How would I go about answering these questions? Also, how do you differentiate between solving them as a dependent or an independent event?   Let P(A) = .3, P(B) = .4 and P( A ∪ B ) = .7   a.... more

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