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What is the "Eastern wolf" in this poem?

I'm reading through J.R.R. Tolkien's *The Fall of Arthur* and in I.29 - I.33 it says> [...] But what foe dareth war here to wake or the walls assail of this island-realm while Arthur liveth, if... more


Did Frodo have a prophetic dream?

Right before Frodo and company head into the Old Forest, Frodo has this dream. > Eventually he fell into a vague dream, in which he seemed to be> looking out of a high window over a dark sea... more


The origin of Tolkien's use of the term "hobbit"?

In a footnote on page 29 of *The Lay of Aotrou & Itroun* Verlyn Flieger notes> the word *korigans* appears in the 1891 compendium of folklore known as *The Denham Tracts* (Vol. II, p. 79)... more

Was J.R.R. Tolkien building on a past tradition when relying heavily on languages he made up?

It is a uncontested and well known fact that Tolkien was a linguist, and he wrote Middle-Earth as a setting for his languages.However, what interests me is whether the approach he took was out of... more


Why are Orcs associated with the colors red, yellow, and black in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings?

In Tolkien's *The Lord of the Rings* series, Sauron, and characters allied with Sauron, are frequently associated with the colors red, yellow, and black. For example, here is a description of the... more

What is the significance of Sauron never having a physical presence in the Lord of the Rings?

So I noticed that in *Lord of the Rings* Sauron acts as a very interesting villain. He never makes a corporeal appearance, nor does he have any acting dialogue. He's mentioned plenty of times... more


What a piece of work is man - echo in The Lord of the Rings?

In The Fellowship of the Ring, after Gandalf tells Frodo the story of the One Ring and challenges him to destroy it, Frodo looks at the ring and we read this description: > how rich and... more

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