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I Need Help On This Word Problem


A roofing company sells roofing material for $12 per square yard. How much will 150 square yards of roofing material cost?

I need help answering this question.
I Need Help On This Word Problem I Need Help Plz Help Me Plz Tell Me Fast


i need help please help me the word problem is in the description below

I need help with my home work the question is Kevin is building a fence around his garden. For every 4 feet of fencing, the cost is 24.Complete the table below showing the length of the fence and... more
I Need Help On This Word Problem


The product of 8 and z plus the product of 6.5 and y

I need help with these word problems because I just got a math worksheet 
I Need Help On This Word Problem


A garden table and a bench cost $777 combined. The garden table cost $77 More than the bench. What is the cost of the bench.

I need help as soon as possible.
I Need Help On This Word Problem


Rafael is saving money to buy a game so far he has $24 saved which is 3/4 of what it cost. How much dose the game cost?

 I need help with this as soon  as possible 


Highest number and lowest number.

the sum of the number is 20 and the difference is 12 what is the highest number and what is the lowest number.
I Need Help On This Word Problem


Word Problem

A skyscraper is 485485 m tall. Its elevators rise at 56.8856.88 km/hr. How many seconds would it take for an elevator to rise the entire height of the building, nonstop?

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