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Help With Math Word Problems


Need help with a math word problem

Carly works at a local bakery.she needs 5 cups of flour to make a cake and 6 cups of flour to make 16 cupcakes. She started the day with 18 pounds of flour and 1 pound of flour equals 4 cups of... more
Help With Math Word Problems Math Algebra 2 Alegebra Homework


Long question! All written below.

Part 1 [2 points] Is the following equation true? Part 2 [6 points] Use complete sentences to explain the properties used in making your decision. 2 log 5 x + one-half log 5 y - 4 log 5 z = log... more
Help With Math Word Problems Statistics Please Answer!! Urgent!


Statistics Homework Help!

The table shows the percentages of residents in a large community when classified according to gender and presence of a particular allergy:    Allergy:  Male Present 16, Male Absent 36,  Female... more
Help With Math Word Problems


Math word problem multiple choice

A high school student created a remote control car that can travel 66 feet in 6 seconds. Express as a unit rate   A. 11 feet/sec   B. 66feet/sec   C. 11sec/feet   D. 6 feet/sec
Help With Math Word Problems


Five Workers are absent today. This is one fourth of all workers. How many workers are there?

I am have trouble translating language in pre-algebra word problems into equations.

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