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Graphing Intercepts Graphing Standard Form Miles Per Hour


Advanced Algebra Question

You are 8 miles away from home. You start biking home at a speed of 4 mph. a.) Write an equation in standard form that represents your distance from home y after x hours.   b.) Find the... more
Graphing Intercepts


Solves the equation for y -x+2y=4.Then complete the given ordered paid

-x+2y=4 then complete the ordered pairs y=     . Then (-2,  ) (0,  ) (2, ) 
Graphing Intercepts


Find three integers or decimal solutions to the following equation 2x+y=3

find the three integer or decimal solution to the following equation 2x+y=3. (  ,  ) (  ,  ) (  ,  )
Graphing Intercepts


Graph the line that passes through the points through the points (2,2) and has the x-intercept at (3,0) what is the y-intercept

what is the y-intercept: (0,  )
Graphing Intercepts


X-intercept and y-intercept are both 0 which means the grap will go through the origin (0,0) graph the line by finding a point other than the orgin

y=1/2x and I need to find the points for y=1/2x. X and Y points are needed 

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