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Extreme Point Differentiation


Prove that the function: f(x)=x^101+x^51+x+1, has neither a local maximum or minimum.

I have tried to differentiate the function into f'(x)=101x100+51x50+1 and solve it to 0101x100+51x50+1=0101x100+51x50=-1x50(101x50+51)=-1Did i do it wrong .... Cause it seems it doesn't like the... more
Extreme Point Math Functions Derivatives


Find where the function is increasing and decreasing

The derivative of a polynomial is f'(x) = (x-3)^2 (x+7)
Extreme Point Quadratic Word Problem


a performer shot from a cannon by h(x)= -2x^2+8x+10 where h(x) is the height of the performer and x is the seconds passed since cannon extremum of the function?

what is the extremum of the function ? a. (-1,0) b. (0,10) c. (2,18) d. (5,0)
Extreme Point Volume Derivatives Maxima


How to find extremes on an open interval

The function V(x)=x(10-2x)(16-2x) on the interval 0<x<5 models the volume of a box.  Find the extreme values of V and interpret those values in terms of the volume of the box. I'm basically... more
Extreme Point Computer Science


Find extreme values!

y = 2/(x-2)^2 - (x). Find extreme values for this function (if there are any) and draw the function.

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