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Chem Hw


chemistry question

Ammonia (the stuff used in floor cleaners) is manufactured using the Haber process, a high temperature process where gaseous hydrogen and nitrogen react according to the equation below.N2 (g) + 3... more
Chem Hw


chem question

What mass (g) of K2SO4 is produced if 18.0 g of KOH completely reacts with H2SO4 in the following reaction?2 KOH (aq) + H2SO4 (aq) \longrightarrow ⟶ K2SO4 (aq) + 2 H2O (l)
Chem Hw


please help with chemistry question

What mass of aluminum metal reacts to give 1.00 g of iron? 3 FeO (l) + 2 Al (l)\longrightarrow ⟶ 3 Fe (l) + Al2O3 (l)


Categorize these solids as pure substance or mixtures.Categorize the pure substances as elements vs compounds and metals vs non-metals.

Sulfur Wooden splint Copper Powder Charcoal Selenium powder Steel Wool

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