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Help Solving for compound interest using a system of equations with 2 variables

Today, a couple invested $92,000 separately They figure that in 10 years, they will have a combined total interest of $168,132.75 . Person X has an interest rate of 10% and person Y has and... more
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ASK A QUESTION Dave put $22,000 Dave put $22,000 in an investment that is compounded yearly at a rate of 7%. The investment is over a 15 year period. What is t

A=P (1+r/n) use this formula when solving and figure out the amount of Dave's total investment.     
Business Algebra


what is the equilibrium price and quantity?

Demand equation: p=840-12q supply equation: p=7q2+2q


Find the consumer and producer surplus for an item

Supply: p =5q2   Demand: p = 4800 - q2/3   I figured out price is p= 4500 and q = 30 (at equilibrium) now how do you solve for the surplus of both. I know it's a type of interval question but... more


The equation g(x) = 2.0 +2.768 ln(x) gives a company's revenue, in billions of dollars, with x representing years after 2010.

According to the equation, when will revenue reach 9 billion?


Find the consumer's and producer's surplus for an item with the following.

Supply: p=5q^2 Demand= 4800-q^2/3. Professor said this had multiple steps. I know you set Supply=Demand to get equilibrium but how do you solve for X and then after how do you find the consumers... more
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Value(s) of x where the value of y=xLn(2x) is an extremum. Round x to 4 decimal places. State whether the extremum is max or min.

I'm confused on how to set this up. Professor had said to take the inverse function of ln(x)  which would be e^x but what do I do with that 2 or that extra x?
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Find the consumer's and producer's surplus for an item with the following:

Supply:  p=5q2  Demand: p= 4800 -92/3   I assume you have to set these equal to each other to find consumer and producer surplus but I'm not sure how to solve.     

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