Asked • 06/28/19

How to measure actual memory usage of an application or process?

**This question is covered [here][1] in great detail.** How do you measure the memory usage of an application or process in Linux? From the blog article of [Understanding memory usage on Linux][2], `ps` is not an accurate tool to use for this intent. > **Why `ps` is "wrong"** > > Depending on how you look at it, `ps` is not reporting the real memory usage of processes. What it is really doing is showing how much real memory each process would take up __if it were the only process running__. Of course, a typical Linux machine has several dozen processes running at any given time, which means that the VSZ and RSS numbers reported by `ps` are almost definitely *wrong*. [1]: [2]:

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Anish R. answered • 05/14/20

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