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Environment Variables Linux Unset


How do I delete an exported environment variable?

Before installing gnuplot, I set the environment variable `GNUPLOT_DRIVER_DIR = /home/gnuplot/build/src`. During the installation, something went wrong. I want to remove the `GNUPLOT_DRIVER_DIR`... more
Environment Variables Linux Sudo


How to keep environment variables when using sudo?

When I use any command with sudo the environment variables are not there. For example after setting HTTP_PROXY the command `wget` works fine without `sudo`. However if I type `sudo wget` it says it... more
Environment Variables General Computer Windows Command Line


How can I display the contents of an environment variable from the command prompt in Windows 7?

In Windows 7, when I start the Command prompt, is there any command to display the contents of an environment variable (such as the `JAVA_HOME` or `PATH` variables)?I have tried with `echo $PATH`,... more
Environment Variables Python


How do I access environment variables from Python?

I set an environment variable that I want to access in my Python application. How do I get this value?
Environment Variables Linux Unix Crontab


Where can I set environment variables that crontab will use?

I have a crontab running every hour. The user running it has environment variabless in the `.bash_profile` that work when the user runs the job from the terminal, however, obviously these don't get... more

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