Asked • 06/04/19

Shell command to tar directory excluding certain files/folders?

Is there a simple shell command/script that supports excluding certain files/folders from being archived? I have a directory that need to be archived with a sub directory that has a number of very large files I do not need to backup. **Not quite solutions:** The `tar --exclude=PATTERN` command matches the given pattern and excludes those files, but I need specific files & folders to be ignored (full file path), otherwise valid files might be excluded. I could also use the find command to create a list of files and exclude the ones I don't want to archive and pass the list to tar, but that only works with for a small amount of files. I have tens of thousands. I'm beginning to think the only solution is to create a file with a list of files/folders to be excluded, then use rsync with `--exclude-from=file` to copy all the files to a tmp directory, and then use tar to archive that directory. Can anybody think of a better/more efficient solution? EDIT: **cma**'s solution works well. The big gotcha is that the `--exclude='./folder'` **MUST** be at the beginning of the tar command. Full command (cd first, so backup is relative to that directory): cd /folder_to_backup tar --exclude='./folder' --exclude='./upload/folder2' -zcvf /backup/filename.tgz .

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