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Naming According to IUPAC

Plz Name this according to IUPAC:


Here ,I am having problem in numbering it .Will methoxy and ethoxy will be numbered first or phenoxy .What is the rule in this regard we similar ether come together in same position in IUPAC??Plz Name this compound along with telling me the rule

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The root structure is a 3-carbon chain, so it will be a propane derivative.
The substituents are listed in alphabetical order, so it will be ethoxy-methoxy-pheoxy. 
The numbering in this case will be from the left because that will give you 1-ethoxy-1-methoxy.  If you started numbering from the phenoxy group, it would be 3-ethoxy-3-methoxy and those add up to more than the other one.  So, you start numbering so as to get the lowest sum total.
This would be 1-ethoxy-1-methoxy-3-phenoxy propane.