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Where do I begin to solve this?


Please clarify the format of this problem, is it [8(m^7)(c^9)][3(m^9)(c^7)]?

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 It seems like numbers are exponents , you should write as Superscript or use( ^ ) , m6 is written normally as 6m.
       (8 m7 c 9 ) ( 3 m9c7) = 24 m16 c16  / multiplication of exponent with the same base, same base with
                                                                exponent as sum.    
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Break up one factor into individual factors and then multiply, as follows:
(8m7c9)(3m9c7) = (8m7c9)(3)(m)(9)(c)(7)
                         = {(8m7c9)(3)} (m)(9)(c)(7)
Note that (8m7c9)(3) = (8m7c9)+(8m7c9)+(8m7c9)
                               = (24m7c9)
Similarly (24m7c9)(m) = (24m7c9) + (24m7c9) + ...m times
                                 = (24(m^2)7c9)
Continuing gives (8m7c9)(3m9c7)= 24*(m^2)*63*(c^2)*63
                                                 = 95256*(m^2)*(c^2)
Note that if the first term (8m7c9) were the sum (8+m+7+c+9) then the indivdual factors of (3m9c7) would be distributed among each item in (8+m+7+c+9), ie
(8+m+7+c+9)*3 would equal (24+3m+21+3c+27) ... and so forth for the other factors of (3m9c7).


Sorry but I am not familiar with the terminology "sub-expression".