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What is x in 2x+3 1/2=10 1/2

This is soooo hard for me my answer was x = 3.5 i dont know if im wrong plzz help!!

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Jess M. | Teaching you to Learn (Science, Math, Computers, and some History)Teaching you to Learn (Science, Math, Co...
You got it! Do you understand how/why?
P.S. To check if you're right, plug the answer you got back into the equation and see if you get the same number on either side of the equals sign.
Michael S. | Photography, Photoshop, Technology TutorPhotography, Photoshop, Technology Tutor
Yes, that is the correct answer.  
This page  can help you get a full understanding as to why, and the steps so that it won't be so difficult the next round.