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foreign policy and homeland security

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Dear Claudine,
    What exactly would you like to know about foreign policy and homeland security. Please elaborate and I shall try to give you specific answer.
    Thank you,
Dear Claudine,
      By definition the foreign policy of the country implies to the rules and regulations that a government  adopts towards foreign nations. Neighboring countries such as US and Canada or US and Mexico might have stronger friendship since these countries share their borders with each other. However, when it comes to Homeland security the same countries might adopt a stricter governance. For example, if people from these countries try to visit their friends and family then they might not need passport, a valid driver's license might  suffice. However, if a criminal tries to sneak away to neighboring countries then the governments have right to deport this person keeping in mind the security of their respective homelands. You may search local newspapers with keywords like deportation and illegal immigration; I think you will get specific examples. You may also search US ICE website to find actual cases and can refer to those.
I hope it helps, please let me know.
Naina B


I would like to know the theory of Foreign policy and homeland security. how do they use it in study and a real world example in a public policy context