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What is the simplification of 12x-[5+(3-4x)]?

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2 Answers

Hi Roseland;
Neither the brackets nor parenthesis seem to be purposeful, so we can eliminate those...
Then, we can combine like terms...
2x and -4x are like terms.  While it is true that we are subtracting 4x, it is also true that subtraction is addition of a negative number.
-5 and 3 are also like terms.
We can simplify even more...
In these equations, the parenthesis are useful in that they tell us that the coefficient of -2 or 2 must be multiplied by unified parenthetical numbers.
I hope this helps.  If not, please let me know.


Hi Roseland;
I apologize.
When I copied and pasted the equation, I missed the 1 in 12.