how many yellow jelly beans are in the jar?

A jar is filled with jelly beans of various colors. If the jar has a total of 850 jelly beans and approximately 14% of the jelly beans are yellow,


let f(x)=x^2-2x and g(x)=square root of (1-x). what is f(g(x)) and what is the domain of f(g(x))?

Please please help with this, I am really confused... thanks!


physics question

A plane is flying west at 310 m/s with a crosswind blowing south at 85 m/s. What isthe resultant velocity of the plane?Select one:a. 321 m/s @ 22° south of westb. 227 m/s @ 45° south of westc. 227... more


physics question

A family drives 63.6 miles west and 11.2 miles south. What is their resultantdisplacement?Select one:a. 64 miles @ 24° south of westb. 128 miles @ 24 ° south of westc. 128 miles @ 10 ° south of... more


Distance, speed & distance word problems

a cargo ship traveling with the current traveled 180 miles in 9 hours. On its return voyage traveling against the current, it took 18 hours to travel the same distance. Find the speed of the cargo... more

Test whether a Ruby class is a subclass of another class?

I would like to test whether a class inherits from another class, but there doesn't seem to exist a method for that. class A end class B < A end B.is_a? A => false ... more

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