(Please Help) Solutions Topic - Chemistry

1. A) Describe how you would make a stock solution of 1.25 mol/L potassium hydroxide, KOH B) Describe how to dilute that solution to one with a concentration of 0.25 mol/L.Describe Steps... more


Calculating Mass

Milk of magnesia has 400 mg of  Mg (OH)_2 per teaspoon. Calculate the mass of stomach acid that can be neutralized by 1.70 teaspoon of milk of magnesia, assuming that the stomach acid is 0.50% HCI... more


Calculating ion molarity using solute mass

A chemist prepares a solution of sodium chloride (NaCl) by measuring out 70.mg of NaCl into a 300.mL  volumetric flask and filling to the mark with distilled water.Calculate the molarity of Cl−... more

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