Given the curve of C defined by the equation x^2 - 2xy +y^4 =4.

1) Find the derivative dy/dx of the curve C by implicit differentiation at the point P= (1,-1).2) Find a line through the origin that meets the curve perpendicularly.

Time Value of Money Problem

Beverly Hills started a paper route on January 1, 2009. Every three months, she deposits $1200 in her bank account, which earns 8 percent annually but is compounded quarterly. How much will she... more


math word problem

There is a sales tax of $6 on an item that costs $63 before tax. A second item costs $210 before tax. What is the sales tax on the second item?

how long would it take to stock the shelf if the two clerks worked together?

One grocery clerk can stick a shelf in 25 min. A second clerk requires 40 min to stock the same shelf. How long would it take to stock the shelf if the two clerks work together?

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