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Universal Set Algebra 1 Venn Diagram


What will be correct Venn diagram for this solution.

You are given the following information about three sets, A, B and C and their universal set ; n(U)=44,n(A)=23,n(B)=18,n(C)=14, n(A union B)=32, n(B union C)=27,n(A union C)=29 and n(A'... more
Universal Set Sets Intersections Complement


Let A, B, and C be sets in a universal set U.

  We are given n(U)=73, n(A)=35, n(B)=43, n(C)=42, n(A intersect B)=18, n(A intersect C)=27, n(B intersect C)=27, n(A intersect B intersect C')=3.   Find (a) n((A u B u C)') and (b) n(A'... more

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