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time and miles per hour

If Bob is traveling 65mph and Bill is traveling 70mph how long will it take until they are 270 miles apart?
Time Distance


rick needs to be at school at 8:15 am it takes him 20 minutes to walk to school .at what time does he need to leave to get to school o time

i9t requires addition or subtractio of time
Time Distance


explain it please.... thanks

a man covered a certain distance at some speed. had he moved 3 kmph faster he would have taken 40 minutes less, if he had moved 2 kmph slower he would have taken 40 minutes more, the distance is?
Time Distance Time Problem


A blacksmith smelts 28 bars every 66 seconds. How long does it take to smelt 10,000?

There is no downtime, every 66 seconds, 28 bars are made. This continues until the required 10,000 are completed.
Time Distance


a biker went 80 km at an average speed of 40 km per hour. how long did it take the biker to go this distance?

Can you please tell me the formula and the answer please
Time Distance


if someone is running at 10 mph and they run for 20 seconds. How far did they travel?

 I need help with this
Time Distance


A gallon of gas cost 2.13. convert this price to cent per pint

Please help me asap 
Time Distance Distance Word Problems


A jet flew at an average speed of 480 mph from Point X to Point Y. the jet averaged only 460 mph on the return trip, and took 30 minutes longer.

How many hours was the flight from Point Y to Point X?
Time Distance


A car travels 3/1000 of a mile in 1/200 of a minute. What is the car's speed?

Trying to find the speed of the car.

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