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Systems Of Equations Word Problems Algebra 1


the sum of two numbers is 6 and their difference is 4 find the numbers

Systems Of Equations Word Problems


the sum of the digits of a certain two-digit number is 7. Reversing its digits increases the number by 9. What is the number?.

I'm in the 8th grade in advanced math and we are going over last years lessons, and I never fully understood how to make an equation, but I can solve them easily.
Systems Of Equations Word Problems


How many loaves of each type of bread should the baker make to maximize her profit?

Baking a loaf of banana bread takes 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of sugar. A loaf of pumpkin bread takes 3 cups of flour and 2 cups of sugar. A baker has 30 cups of flour and 16 cups of sugar to use.... more
Systems Of Equations Word Problems


Kristin spent $131 on shirts. Fancy shirts cost $28 and plain shirts cost $15. If she bought a total of 7 then how many of each kind did she buy?

I need to know how to do this problem, and the steps to do it.

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