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For in loop equivalent in SAS 9.3?

I'm searching for a while an equivalent of the ***for in* loop** (like in [Python][1] or in R) in SAS 9.3 macro language. The [DO loop][2] seem's to be the solution but did't work exactly as I... more
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Is it possible to loop over SAS datasets?

I have 60 sas datasets that contain data on consumers individual characteristics such as `id, gender, age, amountSpent, ....` Each dataset shows data only for one time period (data1 is Jan, data2... more
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Changing Value of Macro Variable inside SAS macro?

I am defining a macro variable inside a macro. Then, I am feeding it into a second macro. Inside macro2 counter changes value to 200. However, when I check what is inside the macro variable that I... more
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sas MACRO ampersand?

%let test = one; %let one = two; %put &test; %put &&test; %put &&&test; %put &&&&test; %put &&&&&test; Well. I'm TOTALLY BEATEN... more
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Why won't my macro variable resolve?

I have a macro variable, `&myvar`, but it won't resolve when I try to put it in a data step variable. Why won't it, and what can I do to fix this? %let myvar=Hello, world; data _null_; ... more

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