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Fundamental Theorem Pre Calculus


given the degree and zeros. Degree: 4, zeros; -5 -2i ; 4 multiplicity 2

 Form a polynomial f(x) with real coefficients having the given degree and zeros.Degree 4; zeros: negative 5 minus 2 i ; 4 multiplicity 2
Fundamental Theorem Calculus Function


Assume s,v, and a are continuous functions and s is twice differentiable, where s(t) represents the position, v(t) is velocity, a(t) is acceleration

 Find the following:   d/dx of integral from t to t^2 of v(w)dw   integral from t to t^2 of v(w)dw   second derivative of integral from t to t^2 of v(w)dw    Calculus question I am stuck on
Fundamental Theorem Derivatives Calculus 2


Calculus 2 The Fundamental Theory of Calculus help

Use Part 1 of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to find the derivative of y=∫cos(u2)du for b=4x and a=cos(x). I don't quite understand what to do here.
Fundamental Theorem Calculus Gradient


gradient fields and exact differentials

A. let f(x,y)= xexy, and C be the path y=1/x from (1,1) to (0,∞)       1. calculate F=∇f       2. Calculate the integral ∫cF*dr           - directly          - by using the fundamental theorem... more
Fundamental Theorem Quadratic Polynomials


Is the FTA, (Fundamental Theorem of Algebra), true for quadratic polynomials?

I would like a detailed explanation.  Thanks!
Fundamental Theorem


What is the FTA? (Fundamental Theorem of Algebra)

Can someone tell me what the FTA is in basic terms.  I'd appreciate a detailed explanation.

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