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Chemistry Help Needed Chemistry


A commercial refrigeration unit accidentally releases (7.39*10^1) mL of ammonia gas at SATP. Determine the mass and number of molecules of ammonia gas released.

Please show all the work, because I am getting 2 different answers.Note: Your answer is assumed to be reduced to the highest power possible.


Chemistry: Stoichometry

A 1.00 gram sample of potassium bicarbonate is decomposed by heating. If the resulting potassium carbonate weighs 0.725 grams and the calculated yield is 0.776 grams, what is the percent yield?
Chemistry Help Needed


A standard solution contained 0.8 mg/mL. A student took 2mL of the standard solution and added 10mL of water. What is the new/final concentration?

I am taking BIOCH 265ZA: Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry. I took Chemistry approximately 8 years ago and I am just lost. Could you please explain the solution in basic terms. I would... more

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