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Tell if the pH and pOH of the solution is weak or strong.pH=3.60pOH=2.46pH=2.35pH=2.07


help please, how to answer this question

The [OH-] of a solution of 4.85 mol/L sodium carbonate is


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Acetic (ethanoic) acid is the most common weak acid used in industry.  Determine the pH and pOH of an acetic acid solution prepared by dissolving 60.0 kg of pure, liquid acetic acid, to make 1.25... more


Acid or Base reaction

Determine if the following salt is neutral, acidic or basic. If acidic or basic, write the appropriate equilibrium equation for the acid or base that exists when the salt is dissolved in aqueous... more

Chemistry question about properties of acids.

What properties do acids have in common? Select all that apply. They are caused by acid rain. They make some pigments change color. They are all solid substances. They react with metals to form... more


Are the symbols Al+3 and Cl- anion, cation, atom, or molecule?

This is in a lesson about acids, bases, and pH.

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