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Joshua S.

asked • 24d

i need help with this java code

Write a program that reads a list of words. Then, the program outputs those words and their frequencies. The input begins with an integer indicating the number of words that follow. Assume that the list will always contain less than 20 words.

Ex: If the input is:

5 hey hi Mark hi mark

the output is:

hey 1
hi 2
Mark 1
hi 2
mark 1

Hint: Use two arrays, one for the strings, another for the frequencies.

Your program must define and call a method:

public static int getFrequencyOfWord(String[] wordsList, int listSize, String currWord)

Note: This is a lab from a previous chapter that now requires the use of a method.

Patrick B.

source code is uploaded in the RESOUCES section for you under this link. Filename is word freq code It contains the two source code files: and


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