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Amazing. You will never be disappointed with this man!
— Mary, Denver, CO on 9/30/14


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Washington State University -Pullman
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Washington State University -Pullman

University of Washington (Master's)

Michigan State University (PhD)

About Rodney

I think I have a unique qualifications to reach and tutor students that need help. I have a lifetime of experience in science, math, and social studies working as an economist, operations research analyst and as a researcher in the U.S. D.A. Forest Service before retiring a few years ago. I tutored neighbor kids part time for several years prior to retiring and found I really enjoyed helping out. I have decided to dedicate the next part of my life to help guide and direct students drawing upon my love of the students, practical experience, and desire to improve the kids understanding of math, science, and social studies.
I love tutoring kids in the basics of math, science, social sciences and test preparation. The individual math subjects that I enjoy are: fifth through eighth grade math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Pre-calculus math. I've tutored students in math for several years, including students attending public school, private school, and those who are home schooled. I started out working with a home school student that I tutored 2-3 times a week during her 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. When she came to me, she hated math, but by the time we finished and she went to public school, her entrance exam was highest in math and she was placed in honors classes.
I really enjoy working with math students and it's always a challenge trying to figure out how a student see the problems and how to help them to get the insight to tackle problems. I try to focus on what each student thinks and how they see the problem. I encourage them to use memory devises to remember the proper way to solve problems and I try to teach short cuts that might be easier to remember or to speed up their test taking skills.
I have found that many elementary and junior high schools fail to adequately prepare students for the skills they need to move forward to high school and college. Limited instructional time, following a state mandated time schedule and agenda, and disciple problems in the class rooms can leave huge gaps in the kid's education. I remember my first session tutoring an 8th grade student who did not know how to multiply or divide 3 or 4 digit numbers. How he was missed in a fairly decent public school system was remarkable. He was a quick learner, mastering both techniques in one session, so it wasn't the student's ability that held him back.
I do believe that grade school and junior high teachers have caused an unhealthy dependency on the use of calculators in math classes even in the simple problems. I once asked an elementary student to solve a simple subtraction. They asked for a calculator, I said no. They asked to borrow my fingers, I said no. Finally they used slash marks and an eraser to solve the simple subtraction (13 - 8). At an 8th grade level, I've recently encountered students that had no idea of how to solve simple pre-algebra math problems and knew no math facts. The teacher had issued times table charts that the kids were allowed to use during tests. That was at a good school. The kids will have no chance in high school math, unless they are reached soon.
These problems are an obvious opportunity for me to serve. It is very fulfilling to help out students overcome the obstacles they face. Once the kids pass on to the higher grades, the schools can't or won't teach them the basics. Tutoring gives the kids a second chance to be successful, and to master the subjects they have problems in.
Students taking the advanced math classes in high school may need a bit of help to keep up with the fast pace of classes. Parents may not feel comfortable helping with Algebra II, or Pre-Calculus. That's another niche I enjoy fulfilling.
A key element for success for the students is a willingness to work. A key role of the tutor is encouragement. Tutors and parents need to be positive and try to keep the student working and believing in themselves. It's easy to be discouraged and I think many kids would rather act like a trouble maker or lazy rather than think they aren't as intelligent as they think. The dirty little secret is that the students are generally very bright and ready to learn. They just need to be guided to success and feel a sense of accomplishment that becomes self-motivating.
I love to have an opportunity to help your student, and if you are interested, contact me through this group and let's get started.
I think I have a unique qualifications to reach and tutor students that need help. I have a lifetime of experience in science, math, and social studies working as an economist, operations research analyst and as a researcher in the U.S. D.A. Forest Service before retiring a few years ago. I tutored neighbor kids part time for several years prior Read more

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"Amazing. You will never be disappointed with this man!"

- Mary, Denver, CO on 9/30/14

"Job well done!"

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"Life saver"

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


I've had several financial and managerial accounting students recently and I enjoy tutoring these subjects. I majored in accounting at one time before I switched to economics (forestry economics) as a major. The concepts are basic, and the execution is logical.
Also 6-7 years ago, I passed the IRS's Enrolled Agent exam, which qualified me to argue tax cases in front of the IRS, so I'm familiar with tax law.
If you need my expertise, please contact me.

ACT English

The ACT English test is primarily a time management test. I help the student practice clock management, review grammar rules as needed, teach them to use context clues for vocabulary, and know which questions to guess at until the easier questions are all answered.

ACT Math

I've been able to help a lot of students improve their ACT math scores by reviewing the math topics covered in the test and helping the student become very familiar with the story problems they will face. It's a lot of fun to clear out old cobwebs and letting the student receive a major improvement in this score.

ACT Reading

I teach timing, technique, and practice to improve the ACT Reading score. This structure allows the student to improve their score by giving them a handle on what to do during the 35 minutes test and it improves their confidence.

ACT Science

The ACT Science test is primarily a logic and reading test. I use my professional science background to help the student understand what to look for, the trends, the variable, the control etc. Once they understand what is required, they do a lot better on this test.

Algebra 1

Algebra is the basic tool kit of all math classes your students will take in high school and beyond. It's also very important on the ACT Math test, a gateway to get into college. When I tutor more advanced subjects, I find that many students have problems with Algebra...which causes problems in Geometry, Algebra II (of course), and in Advanced Math, and Calculus. Knowing Algebra well is very important. I like to teach good techniques, memory aids, and alternatives to solve problems. I'd like to help your student.

Algebra 2

Algebra II is a fun subject to tutor. It contains just enough complexities to remain fresh and interesting. Algebra is the DNA of all math and sciences. A clear understanding of Algebra will help any college bound student or the student attempting to just get through high school.


I'm very qualified to tutor business subjects. My economics training and work experience, combined with my accounting background give me a solid basis to tutor business. I've also worked for several years as an Operations Research Analyst/Economist during which I was responsible for building quantitative business models and presenting results to decision makers.


I enjoy tutoring High School Chemistry. I find that mathematics is at the base of 90% of the problems the students I tutor have with Chemistry. Chemistry is very logically laid out and once you understand the basic processes, the students can understand what to do. The remaining 10% of high school chemistry consists of memory items, which the students can learn, if they are encouraged to do so. It's fun to tutor chemistry.


My PhD is in Forestry Economics and I am a retired Research Economist from the USDA Forest Service. I really enjoy tutoring econ students and I've helped graduate students from LSU and SELA.

Elementary (K-6th)

I enjoy tutoring elementary kids, especially in math and science. I think it's very important that the kids get a solid framework in mathematics at this level so that they can go on the junior high and high school math. I believe in a solid foundation of math facts, and to drill techniques. I also think that science, at this age, should inspire. I've worked with home schooled elementary students for the past 5 years, I love to do experiments that amaze, teach the scientific method, and help the student get excited about science.


Pre-Algebra is a critical math topic. I've encountered many students that didn't do well here and math troubles followed them all the way through school. If your student doesn't understand pre-Algebra, they have a very weak basis for going on to the next subjects. I find the easiest way to increase ACT math scores is to review pre-Algebra topics.


Pre-calculus is really a combination of Trigonometry and Algebra III. It goes over several concepts that are highly useful and necessary if you are to advance to Calculus in either high school or college. If you know your algebra and trig., you will do fine in Calculus. My task as a tutor is for you to understand those concepts and explain them so that you can do well.

Social Studies

I have a PhD in forest economics and a Master of Social Science (a combination of political science, economics, and sociology. I've also had a keen interest in history, taking numerous college classes and reading extensively. My work as a planner/researcher/operations research analyst/economist exposed me to many of the tools used in social studies research and gave me a good understanding of the topic.


Statistics is a great subject. I have a great background to help you with statistics. I've taken quite a few statistics classes on my way to my doctorate and I worked in science as a research forester for the US Forest Service. I can provide help in computation and well as theory and planning a study. I have a number of reference books from basic statistics to linear regression, and beyond.

Contact me and we can set up an appointment to see how I can help you.

Study Skills

As a student, I developed a highly successful set of study skills that saw me through 4 college degrees, certification as an Enrolled Agent and helped me in my work life my entire career. I've been expanding my list of techniques during the 10 years I've been tutoring professionally, to accommodate the students I work with. I enjoy working with the kids, watching them like a hawk, then diagnosing them with tricks and techniques to improve their grades.

Tax Preparation

I've professionally prepared taxes for at least 10 years. I became an Enrolled Agent, the highest tax preparation qualification the IRS recognizes below a tax lawyer or Tax CPA. I've dropped that designation since I'm focusing in on tutoring rather than tax preparation as a retirement career choice.


Trig is normally taught as a part of an Advanced Math or Pre-calculus class in high school. It's a vital and interesting topic and it's fun to tutor. I find that many of the concepts and problems in trig are fairly simple algebra problems embedded into the trig problems. It looks difficult, with with a little time, patience and guidance, you can make it through. I'd be happy to help.

Washington State University -Pullman
University of Washington
Michigan State University


Washington State University -Pullman

University of Washington (Master's)

Michigan State University (PhD)

Amazing. You will never be disappointed with this man!

My daughter has been struggling in algebra. We just moved to Louisiana and the math system here was giving us a headache as well as bad grades for my child. After two sessions, my daughter is excited about math again, learning so much and excited to attend tutoring sessions! We live in Mandeville and went through several tutors. This man is so awesome, it is worth the hour round trip drive!

— Mary, Denver, CO on 9/30/14

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