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A Few Tutor Qualifications

Math is difficult but I strongly believe not boring. The NYS Algebra curriculum is a mixture of a number of different concepts, sometimes put in a very confusing order, and a classroom environment only works for some people -- as a teacher I know that, in a class of 35, you're lucky if you're really teaching 20 of them in the most effective style for those students. However, the Algebra 1 material isn't difficult, and with a bit of focused attention it can even be fun to learn how to see a problem, quickly identify the right way to think about it, and follow the steps to a solution. I think learning math will do more than improve your Regents score; it will make you a better analytical thinker in a wide variety of circumstances. Let's do it together and try to have fun with it!
Adam S.
I have worked in molecular genetics and biotechnology and have a strong grip on both molecular and classical genetics.
Maria A.
I currently hold a valid certificate in education for all grade levels. I home schooled my own child for a number of years very successfully, and only stopped because she wanted more socialization with her peers. I can create a curriculum based on individual needs and interests.
Elyse J.
I have a B.S. in Mathematics. Logic is a subject in which I was very successful as a student and I am very comfortable teaching it as well.
Letesha J.
I am a native French speaker with over ten years of experience teaching French in two private middle schools in Richmond VA. I am presently teaching French at VCU as an adjunct. I have a master in medical science and I am pursuing a master in French.
Francoise M.
I hold a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Indiana State University, and am currently pursuing my PhD in Chemistry. I have a combined three years of teaching experience, ranging from high school students to college students in both general and organic chemistry.
Daniel B.
Misspelling the simplest of words can change the meaning of an entire sentence. When we listen to a speech, we do not hear the spellings of the words, but have to rely on the speaker to get across to us the message behind the work. When we read a paper, a book, any piece of literature, each word has a specific purpose, a reason for being there that we can physically see, a reason that has the ability to alter our perception of the work as we read it. In my first two years of high school, I completed both Honors English I&II as well as Advanced Placement English III: Literature and Language and Advanced Placement English IV: Literature and Composition as a junior and senior. Each class included heavy uses of vocabulary and literary terminology, and all were passed with high marks, passing me out of both my entry level English course and writing courses in college.
Kristen D.
My Master's degree in Anthropology from the University of Nevada Las Vegas included several archaeology courses: Intro to World Archaeology (A); a Core semester class of Archaeology and Physical Anthropology - an oral exam in addition to several written essays was required in the first year for continued enrollment in the program (A); a semester of Current Problems in Archaeology (A-). These courses give me a solid foundation in theoretical and applied archaeology.
Helen G.
My undergraduate work was in physical sciences. As an instructor in a private college, I provided instruction that involved physics, biology, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology.
James W.
I have played soccer from the age of four years old through high school. I was the varsity goalie in high school, and loved the discipline and teamwork that it instilled in me.
Veronica H.

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