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A Few reading Tutor Qualifications

I graduated high school with a 3.7 unweighted GPA. I am currently attending UNCG (freshman) with a 3.2 GPA. My past reading/English grades consist of mostly A's, and a few B's (two years of AP English).
May B.
As a reading teacher with two masters degrees it is critical to model the "thinking process" out loud for students to see and hear. This modeling shows them how to analyze vocabulary and comprehension while reading. It teaches a reader to think about what sounds right, what looks right, and what makes sense.
Lou H.
I am currently obtaining my masters degree in education and have taken courses on how to teach children to read, approve phonetics skills, develop phonemic awareness skills, fluency, word recognition and more. I've also have a lot of experience implementing my own unique lessons to assist in this area at a private elementary school where I worked for about 2 years. With my experience and current schooling to obtain my teaching credentials, I could definitely help your child in the area of reading.
Hillary K.
I am a certified teacher in Virginia. I have spent three years teaching in Title I schools in Virginia, where students had significant deficits in reading skills. I participated in numerous professional development activities throughout this time, which have provided me with multiple strategies for helping struggling readers. I also have experience teaching Pre-K and tutoring at the kindergarten level, so I have an understanding of how to teach students to read.
Megan A.
I was awarded 'honorary teacher of the year' for my work with the BPS district's after school program and summer remediation program in grades K-8.
Sarah H.
I am a highly skilled reader and writer. Reading is one of my strongest points as well as reading comprehension. I can easily help anyone in this area and will guide the student step by step to understand the material. I am also a certified teacher and help young children learn to read all the time.
Nicole M.
I have experience teaching reading skills to students in elementary and middle school. I am certified to teach all elementary subjects. I use a variety of techniques to teach reading/comprehension: Journaling, art, retelling, Q&A to name a few. Reading is fundamental and is a very critical part of everyday life. I used age and skill appropriate literature of interest during tutorial sessions to allow the student extended practice.
Verlie C.
I have been in the education for 7 years. I have a master's degree in Reading Education and currently work as a Curriculum Coordinator at an Elementary School.
Karah J.
I have experience teaching Language Arts 6th-8th grade. I am currently working with highly gifted elementary students and have experience tutoring at risk students in my district to prepare for the state test.
Ashlee M.
During the Reading Theory and Practice college course, I learned a developmental reading program for grades Pre-K-6. In addition, I studied recent thought and research, comprehensive, holistic approaches, and investigation-analysis teaching. In addition, I learned several models of the reading process, methods of teaching reading, and components of useful reading instruction. During this college course, I worked one-on-one with a student during a reading activity. The learner read and sounded out words from a story. This activity assisted them with improving his or her reading skills.In addition, I completed a college course named Literature for Children in Elementary School. This course focuses on the theory and practice related to the reading ability of children in literature-based, practical, and comprehensive reading texts. Also, I became knowledgeable of the positive characteristics of literature in various categories. Then, I read and graded this literature and developed methods for its use as an important part of the academic curriculum. In addition, I learned how to encourage students to read, share, understand, and enjoy literature. Thank you.Best,Christie
Christie M.

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