Estimating a Central Potential as a Spring Potential

The potential energy of a one-dimensional mass m at a distance r from the origin is U(r) = U0 (r/R + C2R/r) for 0 < r < ∞, with R, C and U0 all positive constants. a) Find the equilibrium... more


Find the force on an electron traveling through the Earth's magnetic field.

Answer the following question about the magnitude of force from the Earth on an electron. Use the regular charge for an electron( 1.6 * 10 ^ -19 C). The Earth's magnetic field is 45 degrees below... more



Two go-karts are pushed from the same starting point with the same constant force. They are each pushed a distance of 5 meters. One go-kart is two times as heavy as the lighter one. Which go-kart... more


determining the work done

A box with a mass of 3.72 kg is sliding along a horizontal surface at constant velocity. It is pulled by a horizontal force and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the surface... more


how long the trip takes from Alice's point of view, in years

The distance between the planet Zorg and Earth is 23 light years. Bob is an observer on Earth, and he witnesses a rocket carrying Alice from Earth to Zorg, travelling at a speed of 0.8c. Zorg is... more


what is the maximum force of kinetic friction for the surfaces in contact?

A block of 7.5 kg kept on an inclined plane just begins to slide at an angle of inclination of 35.0°. Once it has been set into motion, the angle is reduced to 26.0° to keep the block moving at... more

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