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physics question

A driver brings a car to a full stop in 2.0 s.  If the car was initially traveling at 22 m/s, what was the acceleration? How far did the car travel during braking?


1d Kinematics Physics

A plane travels at 500 km/hr west for 300 km. How long does it take the plane?


Mrps kindyn (roof)

Two roofers are installing a new roof. Bob is sitting on the top of the roof that is angled at 23.4 degrees from the horizontal. Nate is sitting 3.8 m further down the roof. In order to get a box... more


The rocket shown in the figure below is about to be launched. The total mass of the rocket and its full load of fuel is 2.8 × 10^6 kg

The constant force provided by the rocket’s motors is 3.2 × 10^7 N.(a) Calculate (i) the total weight of the rocket and the fuel,

Physics plane question

A plane is banking at an angle of 35 degrees to the horizon. The mass of the plane is 2000 kg. What is the speed of the plane if it is turning in a circle of 325 meters diameter?

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