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I start college in may and i dont understand anythig about algebra

I graduated in 1988 i only learned adding subtracting and multiplication and division i start online classes in may and i dont understand anything about algebra

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If you'll be using a textbook for class, perhaps you can buy it in advance, or gain access to the online textbook so you can begin getting familiar with the concepts in algebra.  That might help lessen your anxiety.  Plus remember you're going into the class to learn; no one expects you to understand the concepts in advance.  I know after 25 years starting college might be stressful, but, as an instructor (and a class of 1988 grad too I might add), we're there to help.  Don't be afraid to speak up when there's something you don't understand.  Best of luck to you! 

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Hello, David!

First of all you have to understand the difference between algebra and arithmetic you have stiudied before.

In algebra we are dealing with symbolic statements (expressions)and their operations such as additon , subtraction, multiplication and division as well as takingsquare and other roots. In these expressions each letter (symbol) indicates a number which is not specified, because these operations are applicable to all numbers or to very large class of numbers.                       

1. You have to learn commutative, distributive and associative laws of operations because this is a foundation for calculations in algebra (algebra is an arabic word meaning "the art of calculations").

2, Practice on order of operations and evaluating expressions.

3. Work on word problems a lot.

Keep in mind: to master any particular topics in mathematics you have to solve 30-50 problems a day.

Start with simple ones and move forward. wE can help. Good luck to you and stay with us.


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Hi David! Congratulations on beginning college in May! You must be very anxious about the upcoming work! We have many great tutors here to help you on your journey. Try not to let algebra intimidate you. With the right guidance, I think you will find it to be a piece of cake! I also look forward to answering questions you may have! :)

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Hello David, I understand your level of frustration and confusion after not having a strong base line in a variety of math skills. I look forward to seeing some of your questions in the weeks to come.