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How do I express with positive exponents?

14x/-3 y /-3


7x/-4 y-3

and the whole equation is in ( ) raised to the -2

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Kevin S. |
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Kristine -

I'm not sure I can reproduce your equation, so I'm going to answer generally:

When you have a negative exponent, then that means you take the reciprocal of what is raised to the exponent, and the exponent becomes positive. Some examples to clarify:

x-2 = 1/(x2

1/(x-2) = x2

(x-2)/(y-3) = y3/x2    <=== since both x and y have negative exponents, we take the reciprocal of each.

(x-3)-3(y+3)2 = (y+3)2/(x - 3)3   <=== since (x-3) has a negative power and is in the numerator, it moved to the denominator

(2x/3 + 5)2 [1/(3x/5 - 4)-4 ]= (2x/3 + 5)2 (3x/5 - 4)4    <=== (3x/5 - 4) has a negative power in the denominator, so it moves to the numerator. No changes are made to the fractions within the parentheses.

Hope that helps you get started.