ShareASale Affiliate Program API & Data Feeds

Wyzant provides our partners with multiple ways to access our Tutor data. Wyzant feeds provide a complete snapshot of Wyzant’s active Tutors while Wyzant’s search API allows you to perform realtime searches against the Wyzant Tutor database. Results from both the Feeds and API calls are formatted in XML or JSON and the details can be found here.

Wyzant feeds

The Wyzant Feeds are intended to be consumed by a back-end process and imported into a database. The Feeds contain all active Wyzant Tutors at the time the Feed is retrieved. The Feed filesize is quite large and therefore it is expected that each partner will access the Feed at most once per day.

To access your Feed use the URL below swapping out the parameter placeholders with the appropriate values as described in the table.


Feed parameters

APIKey Your personal API Key is: [email to get your api key] .
FeedFormat Either “XML” or “JSON” (without the quotes) depending on the desired formatting of your results set.
ShareSaleID Your ShareASale ID.
ShareSaleAffTrack (optional) Your ShareASale Affiliate Tracking code. Max 255 Characters.
MaxResults (optional) For testing purposes you may include a MaxResults value to limit the number of results returned. If this value is omitted then a full listing of all of Wyzant’s active tutors will be returned.

Wyzant’s API

You can use our API to add custom Wyzant content across your channels. Our API provides real-time search results across all of our active tutors based on a number of criteria. Below is an explanation of how to execute a search against our API. If you have any questions about working with our API, please contact us at

Search API

To run a search against our API, simply execute a HTTP POST against the following URL and pass the desired search parameters as form arguments:


Search parameters

Parameter Name Parameter Type Parameter Description
PartnerAPIKey string (Wyzant-generated GUID) This is your Wyzant-assigned key to access our data. It is encoded into generated links so you get credit for conversions you send to Wyzant.
Your personal API key is: [email to get your api key]
ChannelName (optional) string Use ChannelName to assign links generated by this search to any one of your user-defined channels. If no ChannelName parameter is supplied then the Default channel will be used.
SearchString string This specifies a string to search for in the database. Tutor ad titles, free responses, and subjects/subject qualifications will all be searched for the string entered here.
ShareSaleID string Your ShareASale ID.
ShareSaleAffTrack (optional) string Your ShareASale Affiliate Tracking code. Max 255 Characters.
ZIP (optional) string This sets the US ZIP Code of your search. If no value is supplied, the entire database is searched with no preferences given for location.
Distance (optional) int32 The distance in miles to from the center of the value supplied by the “ZIP” parameter to search. Distance is caluclated as a radius from the center of the supplied “ZIP” parameter. For instance, if the “ZIP” parameter is “60647” and the distance is “20,” only tutors within a twenty mile radius of the center of the 60647 ZIP code will be returned. The default value for the “Distance” parameter is “40“. If the “ZIP” parameter is not supplied then the “Distance” parameter is ignored.
IsMale (optional) boolean Use this parameter to search tutors of a specific gender. Valid values are: “true” (only return male tutors) and “false” (only return female tutors). If this parameter is not supplied then both male and female tutors will be returned (default).
MaxHourly (optional) decimal If supplied then only tutors with an hourly fee equal to or less than the supplied value will be returned.
MinHourly (optional) decimal If supplied then only tutors with an hourly fee equal to or greater than the supplied value will be returned.
MinAge (optional) int32 If supplied then only tutors who are “MinAge” years or older will be returned.
MaxAge (optional) int32 If supplied then only tutors who are “MaxAge” years or younger will be returned.
MaxResults (optional) int32 If supplied then no more than “MaxResults” tutors will be returned.
ResultsFormat (optional) string Specifies the desired formatting for the results set. Results can be returned in either XML or JSON (default).