WyzAnt Behind the Scenes: Where Do All the Students Come From?

March 11, 2013 is the nation’s largest online tutoring marketplace, visited by millions of students and parents every month. Students submit a new tutoring request to WyzAnt’s job board every minute, and that’s in addition to the students who email tutors directly. To find out how WyzAnt manages to attract so many new students, we spoke to WyzAnt’s Director of Marketing, Daniel Breiner.

Q: So what’s the secret? How does WyzAnt find so many students who need private tutoring?

A. Actually, it’s the other way around. Most students find WyzAnt and the tutors who have their profiles listed on; we just make it super easy for them to do so.

Q. Can you explain what you mean by that?

A. Every day, millions of students and parents search the web in order to find private tutors. Most use search engines like Google and Bing which return results related to the search query, e.g. “private tutors.” The search engine’s algorithm attempts to determine which results or webpages will be most helpful for the user and orders them accordingly; these are considered the “organic” results. Search engines also reserve space above, below and beside the organic results where advertisers can pay to be listed. These “sponsored” placements are also relevant to the user’s search query and are typically highlighted to differentiate them from the organic listings.

Q. Ok, that seems simple enough. is a website about tutoring, so it shows up in the search results when someone searches for a tutor, correct?

A. In theory, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. There are thousands of websites related to tutoring, each of which contains many webpages. alone is made up of millions of different pages. The search engines use an algorithm to rank all of these pages in order of relevancy; however, where your page ranks is extremely important. An estimated 89% of clicks go to webpages included in just the first ten search results.

Q. Wow, that’s really competitive. How do you make sure WyzAnt’s pages are included in those first ten results?

A. The search engines do not disclose exactly what goes into their ranking algorithm, but there are some best practices we follow in terms of page structure and content that help our pages rank highly. One of WyzAnt’s major advantages is the fact that the site has been around for more than seven years and has built up quite a bit of credibility with the search engines during that time. Today, WyzAnt ranks in the top three organic results for thousands of search terms.

Q. You mentioned paid listings in search results, how does that work?

A. Paid listings make up about 15% of listings on a typical search results page, and those listed at the top of the page receive 85% of all paid listing clicks. These placements are sold by the search engines in a web auction through which advertisers can place bids to have their listings appear in the search results for specified search terms. Advertisers can alter their bids and listings depending on the user’s physical location, search history, device (mobile vs. desktop computer), time of day, and more. The advertiser’s bid along with the listing’s relevancy to the user’s search term will determine their listing’s placement.

Q. Does WyzAnt bid on any paid placements?

A. We bid on tens of thousands of keywords in national and local auctions to help tutors on WyzAnt receive as many students as possible. The majority of our ads appear in the highly competitive top-of-the-page paid placements and some of those placements can cost as much as $10-$20 per click! So next time you see WyzAnt webpages listed in the search results, stick to the organic listings and save the paid listings for your potential students!

Stay tuned next month for another Behind-the-Scenes installment with WyzAnt.

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