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— Dana, Stafford, VA on 8/16/14


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Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro
English translation
University of Mary Washington
Art Instruction Schools


Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (English translation)

University of Mary Washington (MEd)

Art Instruction Schools (Enrolled)

About Celina

Hola, Alô, hello, parents and students seeking a better understanding of English, Portuguese or Spanish. My name is Celina F. C. and I am a Brazilian native and an American citizen. I have a Master's degree in Education with a background in English as a Second Language from the University of Mary Washington.

My price per hour is currently $35 for summer! Special offer! Two people together in the same session play just $60.

My experience with Spanish comes from a course I took while working for Petrobras in Brazil and many Spanish-Portuguese and Spanish-English translations. I was also tested by Berlitz where I teach Portuguese classes and placed at an intermediate level in Spanish. I can help students from basic up to the intermediate level (elementary and middle school students or students who need a basic understanding of Spanish grammar and speaking practice).

I have taught English as a Second Language at a nonprofit I worked for during one year in 2012. I currently work for Berlitz language school as a Portuguese instructor. I was trained to teach using the Berlitz language method, and I can say this training has been helping me to better explain and practice structures with my students.

I have been a translator of Portuguese and English for over 30 years now, working for translation companies in Texas, New York and publishers and companies in Brazil. If you need a translation from English or Spanish into Portuguese or from Portuguese into English, contact me. .

While working for WyzAnt I have helped different students to reach their goals, even if their goal is a capstone project for a master's degree. I especially like to use creative methods to help students acquire vocabulary while having fun, like card games, videos and songs. I really like to use music, if the students feel like including it in the lessons, to help them increase their vocabulary and understand structures.

My experience teaching religion comes from being an aide and sub for four years at St. Patrick Catholic Church CCD program, and singing in the St. Patrick church choir. I was also an aide for the 5th grade CCD class during 2015.

Students in Fredericksburg, VA and Stafford, VA are welcome, and also surrounding areas (Locust Grove, King George, Bowling Green etc.). Contact me for available time slots. I currently teach: - English as a second language (only reading and writing, no other subjects) at the K-12 and adult levels - Reading K-12, SAT, TOEFL, Praxis - Writing (English and Portuguese) also for university projects and capstones - Portuguese for travel and academic purposes - Spanish, Word and PowerPoint - Religion (Catholic) - k-12 - Brazilian style cooking - Brazilian culture/history/art/literature.

I am not teaching Math anymore due to lack of time to keep updating and reviewing this subject. I am not accepting Math, History or Science students at this time. I am currently teaching only Portuguese, Spanish or ESL English, Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading in these languages for academic purposes.

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so please send an e-mail to WyzAnt or a text to my cell 24 hours before the session is scheduled to cancel a class. If you want to have a make-up class I will be happy to provide you with one depending on my schedule.

Omicron Psi professional inducted in 2012
Hola, Alô, hello, parents and students seeking a better understanding of English, Portuguese or Spanish. My name is Celina F. C. and I am a Brazilian native and an American citizen. I have a Master's degree in Education with a background in English as a Second Language from the University of Mary Washington.

My price per hour is
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12 hours notice required

The rate for spring/summer 2017 for new students is 30.00. I can make it 25.00 for old students, anyone who has studied with me in the past.

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In-person lessons

"Awesome Tutor"

- Dana, Stafford, VA on 8/16/14
Celina replied on 10/9/2014

Thanks so much, Dana, you are so easy to teach. Such a dedicated student and a very kind person. I loved the time I got to spend in your home with your family and your wonderful pets. I can't forget how much Remington loved to enter the room and try to participate in the classes! You all are special to me. Good luck in your studies and may all your dreams come true.

"Celina - A Gem"

- Anne, Fredericksburg, VA on 1/23/16

"Awesome Tutor"

- Shipley, Fredericksburg, VA on 3/13/14
Celina replied on 3/14/2014

Hi, Shipley same here, you have great ideas and you are an awesome and caring professional. I could feel how much you care for what you do, and that helped me help you. Wish you well and good luck in all you do, please let me know how you did in your paper.

"Good, flexible, and reasonably priced."

- Gabriel, Fredericksburg, VA on 10/6/12
Celina replied on 1/18/2014

Thank you Gabriel hope all is looking up for you! You were a great student and hope you are successful in your life and work!

"Wonderful Tutor!"

- Trent, Stafford, VA on 6/29/12
Celina replied on 7/18/2012

Thanks for your review, and you are a great family, it was an honor to work with you and help your son through this difficult time in his life, but he is heading to a bright future! Wonderful boy!

"Celina- The Best Tutor Ever!!!"

- SHAKIMAH, Spotsylvania, VA on 7/28/11
Celina replied on 7/18/2012

Thanks, Shakimah, I love your family and working with your child was a pleasure. I am sure she will do just fine in school and grow up to be a wonderful professional some day. With that name, Justice, maybe she will be a judge! Who knows... But she may also become a writer or a scientist. She is that bright!

"Great Spanish, Portuguese, and ESL Tutor"

- Joseph, Woodbridge, VA on 6/11/10
Celina replied on 7/18/2012

How is she doing now? I hope she has graduated (or almost there) and have a great college experience. Thanks for the kind review!

Voice (Music)
Bible Studies,
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Grammar, Literature, Proofreading, Reading,
SAT Reading, SAT Writing, TOEFL, Vocabulary, Writing
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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

American History

I have an MEd in Education from University of Mary Washington so I learned some things about American History there. Apart from that, I have experience teaching students about American History. I currently hold an account in Ancestry and have been researching American History through my husband's ancestors. I taught some American history to students in need at an after school program set up in Fredericksburg for one year, summer school and as a volunteer. I learned some strategies about how to teach American and World history to students while I was studying at UMW.

Bible Studies

I have a Theology and Philosophy certificates from The New St. Thomas Aquinas online school. I have been an aide at a religious education course on and off since 2004. I am an active member of St. Patrick's church. I was in a youth group at my parish and we used to study the Bible with emphasis on its interpretations. At that time, I was in several weekend courses in which we meditated on the Bible texts. I also coordinated some of these courses. I have always taken part in the celebrations of the different holy days in my Parish. I am currently going to weekly services and helping with the choir in my Parish. I took several religious education courses at college while I was studying to be a translator because it was a Catholic college. The courses were: Science and Faith, Christianity, Christian Ethics, Social Christian Thought I.


I can make typical Brazilian dishes and treats like brigadeiro, pão de queijo and others, and also feijoada, farofa, and couve mineira. I can teach you how to cook tongue with mashed potatoes (língua com purê de batata), quibe (kind of meatloaf made with bulghur wheat of arab origin but Brazilian style), and bobó de camarão (shrimp) etc. I use a hands-on method, and it can be in the student's home or mine.

I will provide them with the list of ingredients before the lessons to make their own, but the ingredients for the lesson are on me. If the student wants to practice by doing, he/she will bring his/her own ingredients. Otherwise, he/she can just watch and tape or write down what to do. He/she gets a sample, so he/she knows what is being taught.


I currently have a MEd in ESL from University of Mary Washington (2012). I took a course in English with specialization in Translation into Portuguese in Brazil. I have been studying English since I was a child with my mother at home at first (she studied with a British tutor) and then at school and later at the university. My university, Pontificia Universidade Catolica in Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil. I studied English conversation, Grammar and writing, and also English literature as well as British and American Civilization. You cannot truly understand a language if you don't understand the people that speak that language and its origins.

I believe that I can help students to better understand English texts and write in English in a clearer, more understandable way. I have experience teaching students to write at the university and some classes I gave at my university too, at the extension level, about technical translation. Basically, we dealt with understanding texts and rewriting them, only in another language. Translation is a very useful way to learn another language. It shows you what the differences are between the other language and the one you wish to rewrite your text in. It also challenges you to find the right way to express yourself and thoughts expressed in your language in a different language. And sometimes there are several ways to say the same thing. I think I can help students that have a problem understanding English to see things the way English-speaking people see them, so they are able to form effective sentences in English and understand texts in English when they read them. I studied the differences between English and Romance languages at the University. If you keep in mind that English and Romance languages, either French, or Spanish or Portuguese, came from different origins, it becomes easier to learn English. It's all about understanding the foreign universe.

In my Masters degree coursework I learned how to get students from other backgrounds to understand English and the English culture. I learned techniques to help they study in English and understand English when they read textbooks. I learned strategies to teach them in English. I believe I can help students with this kind of difficulty to attain their goals in America.

General Computer

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, program installation, file uploading and downloading, hardware setup), how to start a Blog or a website in Google (maybe other sites that offer Blogs and sites), how to start and maintain a page in Facebook, Twitter; regular computer maintenance (antivirus, defrag, e-mail, browser history, add-ons, etc.)
NOTE I am not a Web designer. I just teach how to start blogs and sites on web pages that offer this and have templates for the sites.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I have plenty of experience in PowerPoint from all the years of study and from my translations. I learned how to include pictures, movies, how to make buttons that take to other slides and include links. I also learned how to include sound in the PowerPoint files. Out of curiosity and because of Technology classes in my Education course at UMW, I am able to use PowerPoint files to give classes with all these resources, and I am willing to share this knowledge with the ones who would like to know a little more about how to use a PowerPoint file to make a presentation more interesting and fun.


I am a native speaker of Portuguese, I have taught Portuguese in Berlitz for many years to government students, and I have studied in Brazil (college degree from PUC-RJ - Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro). I am currently translating from English into Portuguese and vice-versa for Transperfect and other companies. I speak Portuguese at home daily with my family (children and mother). I speak Portuguese with my sister's family who lives in Canada and keeps in contact with the Brazilian community there. I keep in contact with my local Brazilian community through Facebook and in person.


Reading is a skill that is basic to be able to learn and understand all academic disciplines, but with children, it must be presented as a kind of hobby, something they will enjoy doing in their free time. Reading should not be a chore, but something nice and good to do. I encourage students to choose their own stories and books to read in the classes. I also use some methods that have been successful with struggling readers that make sense to me to remind students about the sounds of the letters (because they have a name - and several sounds associated to each one). Their names are not what they sound like, and this leads to many problems in spelling and reading. The English language is not phonetic and this baffles even the native speakers when they learn to read.

Apart from that, vocabulary must be expanded so students do not struggle with comprehension on top of not knowing how to pronounce words. I use several ways to expand vocabulary: poetry, scrapbooking, flash cards, memory games, play scripts etc.


I specifically teach Catholic doctrine, and I have obtained Catholic Philosophy and Theology certificates from online school The New Thomas Aquinas Institute (2016/17). This year I helped teaching a 1st communion class at St. Patrick Catholic Church, Fredericksburg, VA. I have been helping the Religious Education program at St. Patrick Catholic Church - VA, Fredericksburg on and off as an aide and substitute teacher (2004-2017). Taught 2nd grade at a summer Bible school in 2005. Studied at the Catholic University - PUC - RJ in Rio and we had some religious subjects there. Have been practicing the Catholic Religion since I was a girl and go to Mass every Sunday. Was a member of a Youth group, organized youth encounters, and have been in church choir since I was a child.


I am originally a Portuguese native speaker, and Portuguese and Spanish are the most similar of all European languages.

These two languages developed simultaneously through similar processes, being affected by the Barbarians and the Moor invasions, and the influence Spain had on Portugal was considerable. The province where Portuguese first evolved (Galicia) remains a Spanish province today.

As a native Portuguese speaker who has a bachelor's degree in translation (English-Portuguese) and had Spanish classes while working for Petrobras, plus experience translating Spanish texts into Portuguese and English, I feel qualified to teach students who need help in pronouncing Spanish words, understanding texts in Spanish and building sentences in Spanish. Portuguese and Spanish feature many grammatical similarities (like inflection of verbs, the fact that ser and estar are two verbs when "to be" is a verb that expresses both ideas in English, the articles, the pronouns, gender for all things - no "it" pronoun, and many others), and I am also aware of the differences in vocabulary and sounds between Portuguese and Spanish, too. Many words in Portuguese are false cognates in Spanish (like "embarazada" and "embaraçada", "largo" and "longo", etc.) Working with cognates which come from Latin helps in increasing vocabulary in Spanish for students in English; I help students to be aware of the false cognates and to learn them.

Vowel sounds in Spanish are virtually the same as in Portuguese and very different from English, and this is usually a big hurdle for the English students. Consonant sounds are sometimes a problem too (the "b" is not exactly different from the "v" in Spanish, they are often interchangeable, a reason why many Spanish speakers do not learn perfect pronunciation in English). I believe I can help English students to improve their pronunciation of Spanish words, since I'm aware of the differences between Spanish and English pronunciations, and Portuguese has many sounds that are similar to Spanish, mainly the vowel sounds that are more difficult to learn.

Study Skills

My daughter is an extremely disorganized student. She leaves her things around the room, files papers in her book bag, and has trouble remembering what assignments she has to hand in. I worked with her by trying to give her some space to deal with her things her own way and reminded her of things I knew she had to do. I asked her if she had a schedule for what she was supposed to hand in on which day, and went over it with her to see if she was following it. I studied with her and showed how she could write about what she was studying so she would remember things better. I used to write all the teachers said just be cause the writing is not passive, it's an active thing you do to learn better what is being presented to you. You are taking active part in learning when you write, copy or jot down info. Now she is in college and able to take care of her own assignments and not miss on things she needs to do, and is even helping friends to learn. My son is honor roll but very forgetful. We used PASS to get in touch with the school and teachers and remind them of their assignments (that was another thing that helped a lot). Teachers would send us e-mails letting us know what was due. If the students have a system to get in touch with the teachers, this helps in reminding them of what they need to study and work on. Also, I feel that the agenda is key, updating the agenda daily and having the teacher sign it if necessary helps the student to remember assignments and wise up to what he/she might be missing out on. Organizing yourself might be challenging sometimes, but it pays later on, when life starts to get more complex for the kids, at the time they start college.

Voice (Music)

I've been with several different choirs since I was a kid at the church in Brazil and then here, in Fredericksburg. I had several different directors and learned a different thing with each one of them. I have studied four years of piano and learned to read music, and about rhythm and most of the several aspects of reading a music sheet. Currently we work with Maureen McClure at the choir of St. Patrick's Church in Fredericksburg. We do religious hymns and work on classical pieces at Christmas and Eastertime or other holy days and special occasions. I was a member of a company choir when I worked for Petrobras (a Brazilian oil company) and we even were in some small shows and recorded a CD. At first I was an alto but evolved to sing with the sopranos, so I learned about harmony and melody and I am able to sing both parts. I feel I could explain to a beginner how to breathe when you sing and how to read sheet music. I still have some of my books I used to practice at the time I studied piano. Main thing about singing is that you have to feel it and also learn how to project your voice so it doesn't sound dull and restrained. Also, if you are in a choir you don't want to sound louder than the others. You have to control your voice volume. I knew people who were not able to do this and sang louder than the rest of the choir. To sing solo is different from being in a choir. I also learned some exercises with a director we had at the Research Center at Petrobras which are very useful to warm up your voice, too. Even if your current director doesn't warm you up, you can do them by yourself, and be fine. They are still useful for me today. Even if I cannot teach an advanced student I can give a beginner some good advice I learned from experience.

World History

I have taught World history in the past, to two students (brothers) who needed to pass their tests and they successfully passed them. I have world history books to teach students with special needs. I have an MEd in Education from University of Mary Washington. I learned some strategies to teach American and World History there, and am still in contact with some professors from the university.

Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro
English translation
University of Mary Washington
Art Instruction Schools


Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (English translation)

University of Mary Washington (MEd)

Art Instruction Schools (Enrolled)

Awesome Tutor

Celina is an awesome tutor. I took accelerated classes and there was absolutely no way I could have passed them without her. She always comes prepared to help you with lessons that she thinks you need to succeed. For example, my first few classes in Spanish were all about grammar, so Celina drilled me with the appropriate tense, conjugation "person", etc, then when my classes moved on to speaking

— Dana, Stafford, VA on 8/16/14

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $30.00

Cancellation: 12 hours notice required

The rate for spring/summer 2017 for new students is 30.00. I can make it 25.00 for old students, anyone who has studied with me in the past.

Travel policy

Celina will travel within 20 miles of Fredericksburg, VA 22407.