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Best tutor in San Antonio!!!
— Bryan, Cibolo, TX on 3/5/15


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Elementary Education (Pre-K-8th) Texas Lutheran University
Special Education Degree (All Levels) Texas State University
Counseling and Guidance Texas State University (School Counseling Certified)


Elementary Education (Pre-K-8th) Texas Lutheran University

Special Education Degree (All Levels) Texas State University (Master's)

Counseling and Guidance Texas State University (School Counseling Certified) (Master's)

About Casey

Hi, my name is Casey. I love working with children and adults and seeing the joy and relief that comes into their eyes when they master a skill that was previously difficult and confusing for them. So many people miss one or two elements of a concept and then start getting behind and develop a strong dislike for a particular subject or even school itself. All it takes is to teach them the skills they missed/didn't understand that are part of their foundation of learning. Helping you and/or your child have a strong academic foundation is essential to all future learning, not to mention the anxiety and frustration it saves when you/they are struggling in school seeing classmates sail through the same material!

I find great joy in helping make "difficult" things easy to understand. I have been a certified public school teacher for over 25 years, and have done private tutoring for over five years. I am well equipped to help you/your child attain academic success. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a Master's Degree in Special Education, encompassing ages birth through adult learners. On top of that I have an additonal Master's Degree in
Counseling so I can address such issues as behavior modification, school/test anxiety; even divorce or other family changes can have a negative effect on a child's school performance. I can help with these! I work with each person on an individualized basis to find what works specifically for them. I refuse to use a set of "pre-made lessons" instead catering and tailoring my approach to the individual needs of each client. You will be amazed at the results I get!

I am also gifted in helping with speech writing, presentations--research, design, and delivery. I began giving speeches in 1992, and have since presented in-service and workshops to teachers of multiple school districts. I enjoy helping people learn how to put that extra "punch" into their presentations so that they can illicit the type of audience response they are looking for.

I am also trained in helping people with money management skills. I consider myself to be a financial genius. Budgeting, which most people think is a shade above some horrible travesty, is really quite palatable and useful if approached in the right way. While I don't do investment advice, I can definitely help you make the most of the money you do have and help you live successfully from paycheck to paycheck. And... even have fun in the process! And no, you don't have to give up all your luxuries to become debt free!

I look forward to meeting with you and helping your child realize they CAN master things that they previously thought were impossible to learn. You will be amazed at the academic results as well as the positive change in your child's attitude towards both school and learning. Watch with amazement as your child goes from an "I Can't" to an "I Can" Attitude!
Hi, my name is Casey. I love working with children and adults and seeing the joy and relief that comes into their eyes when they master a skill that was previously difficult and confusing for them. So many people miss one or two elements of a concept and then start getting behind and develop a strong dislike for a particular subject or even school Read more

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"Best tutor in San Antonio!!!"

- Bryan, Cibolo, TX on 3/5/15

"Great Tutor"

- Angela, Cibolo, TX on 8/25/17

"The best tutor ever"

- Mercedes, Universal City, TX on 4/10/17

"Lovingly tough and encouraging tutor"

- Maria, Harleysville, PA on 3/8/17


- Tammy, San Antonio, TX on 3/4/17

"Patient and caring tutor"

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"Highly Recommended!"

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"Smart, patient and positive tutor!!"

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"Best math tutor"

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"Very personable and easy to work with!"

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"So kind and nice to my son"

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"She is knowledgeable and very patient and understands what my kids need to improve in English and prepare for school next year."

- Ken, San Antonio, TX on 6/9/15

"Casey is a very patient tutor and is working wonders with my child."

- Donna, San Antonio, TX on 6/4/15


- AnnaMaria, San Antonio, TX on 6/3/15

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"Great Tutor"

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"Refresher in Math"

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"Heaven Sent"

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"Complete turn around in algebra."

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"Great tutor"

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"Very Persceptive"

- LaDonna, San Antonio, TX on 5/9/11
Nutrition, Psychology
ACT Reading, English,
Public Speaking,
SAT Reading, Vocabulary,
Test Preparation:
ACT Reading, ASVAB,
Career Development,
Speech, Writing
Special Needs:
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyslexia, Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Special Needs,
Study Skills

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


I have a Masters Degree in Special Education from Texas State University. I have taught and counseled many special needs students through my years in the schools and classrooms. I have worked with ADD/ADHD as well as Autism, Abandonment Issues, Anxiety and Test Anxiety, Fear of Failure, Procrastination, Electic Mutes, Behavioural Disorders, and many more. If this is a concern or possible concern of yours, please talk to me about how I can help out.

Algebra 1

For those students who haven't had prealgebra or who had it and didn't understand it, Algebra I can seem pretty scary. Also what is learned in Algebra I is used as a foundation for other math. It often pops up in Geometry and other Math Skills classes when working formulas for shapes and other things. It is also essential for Algebra II.

Many people are confused because they haven't been properly taught, or have missed out on certain key concepts. As an individual tutor I can definitely help your child (or you) pick up the skills missed and explain any new skills being taught.

Don't wait and suffer more frustration. Get help now! Math can be fun and easy to understand!


The ASVAB is a test required for military entry. It is also used to determine pay grade as well as topic of study/training. The higher the score, the more options for the applicant.
The ASVAB has rigid timed requirements. There are several sections of the test and all are timed. Some sections are as short as 11 minutes. Not only must an applicant know the material being tested., they must be able to do so under rigorous timing methods. This can create a lot of anxiety for people even if they are well versed on the content material; most of us are not used to being timed so rigidly.
The math sections of the ASVAB must be met without the use of a calculator. This alone creates many issues for clients who may be several years out of school, or who never properly learned the math skills to begin with.
I can help you both with the knowledge needed to successfully navigate the ASVAB as well as helping students manage and learn to work well under the pressure of being timed.
If the military or a promotion in the military is your dream, let me help make it come true.

Career Development

I have a Master's Degree in Counseling and Guidance from Texas State University. Much of my coursework to get that degree dealt with Career Development. As a counselor in the schools, I have also worked with students of all ages to help them narrow down and choose career goals, as well as how to achieve them.

More importantly though is my own varied experience. I have had numerous jobs throughout my life, both professional and nonprofessional jobs. I am well versed in the current economic status and how times have changed and new approaches can be better suited to find viable work in today's workforce.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have a valid Texas teacher certification to teach grades PK-8th grade. I also have a Master's Degree in special education, certifying me to teach special needs students from birth to 21 years of age. I have taught and worked in the schools at the elementary level for over 16 years. Having taught at all elementary grade levels, including teaching self-contained, and resource/pullout programs for special needs students, I am well equipped to help children succeed, regardless of their current needs or abilities. Because of my wide array of experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks, and a variety of learning games and styles all geared to help children master their educational needs.

Elementary Math

Elementary Math is so essential these days. Students are expected to know so much more than they used to. Teachers often don't have time to help them with the basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division which rely on constant practice and memory to excel at. Many of the students I have worked with have difficulties in math because they do not have the proper practice and skill in these basic areas. This puts them at a disadvantage when they know "what to do" but get the wrong answer due to mathematical miscalculations. It also greatly extends the amount of time it takes to complete math problems which is why many students see their classmates finish and turn in their work so much quicker than they themselves may be able to do.

On top of this, students are often rushed through subjects to meet the state requirements so that they can pass the state tests. Because so many more math topics are now required at any earlier age/grade level there is not as much time for teachers to make sure that their students fully understand each concept.

Math is a skill that builds upon previous knowledge and if a child gets behind, they often get very discouraged and feel as if they may never catch up and math becomes something that they feel they "are just not good at".

Let me help your child learn the basic skills they need to be successful! I can help them learn not only the basics, but can give them the additional time and attention they may need to fully understand all the math concepts that are covered in their classroom.


English can include many things, as it often encompasses the whole Language Arts area. I can work with students on grammar, writing composition, correct usage of vocabulary, rules and regulations for writing and speaking English. Whatever your English concerns, and whatever level you are, I can definitely help you learn to successfully navigate your English language concerns.


Grammar is essentially making sure that all words in a speech or piece of writing are grammatically correct. This involves intricate knowledge of the "ins and outs" of the English language. If misused, it is most noticeable in written work. Proper grammar, including punctuation, sentence structure, word phrasing, and correct vocabulary all work together to build a cohesive written or oral statement. It is the final piece that ties all the research/knowledge together to create a well-written/delivered message.


As an elementary school teacher, I have taught both print and cursive writing to students. Even in today's technological society, there are times when handwriting can be important. If you need to learn or improve these skills, I am the person for you!


I am a certified public school teacher. I have successfully worked with homeschool students of all levels from elementary, to junior high, and high school. I have graduated many high school students and gotten them on their start in college or job readiness skills. In addition, I provide homeschool consultancy work with parents who want to do the teaching themselves, but need a little extra assistance with certain subjects or behavioral/motivational concerns. I look forward to working with you and your homeschool needs!


For those of you wanting to explore a potential hobby and have the thrill of making something by hand, I can teach you: needlepoint, embroidery, and cross-stitch. In this fast paced world of technology, many people of all ages find that just the act of doing needlework can help them relax and re-focus. There is also the pride in having made an item by hand that can become a family heirloom or a treasured gift or memento. I have successfully taught both left and right-handed people, so that is not an issue.
Try something new and relaxing today! (I do not currently teach crochet or knitting.)


Phonics is essential to basic reading skills. I have been trained not only in the basic letter/sound associations, which is where many phonics programs stop, but in in prefixes, suffixes, blends, digraphs, and special rules. All of these combine and are essential for good reading skills.

Phonics and its rules are what makes reading easy. Without this knowledge, reading can be a torturous procedure that many people do not like or understand. I have background essential to teach all the component parts of phonics that will make reading easy and enjoyable for anyone.


Prealgebra can be confusing for many students. All of a sudden letters and numbers are mixed together and students are supposed to understand and make sense of this. With proper instruction, prealgebra, can be quite easy to learn; however, due to the large student teacher ratio in most schools, it can be hard for teachers to truly individualize to each student's needs and abilities. This is where I come in by providing tailor-made instruction that will meet you or your child' s needs right where they are and make the seemingly incomprehensible, easy to understand.


Proofreading is essential to a good paper, oral presentation, or media work.
In proofreading, one goes back over the content to make sure that they are saying what they want to say. This is the time to check for any possible misunderstandings between the audience and the topic. One should check to see how well their material flows, and if it is a media presentation that it is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and captivates the audience as well. Proofreading is not just about checking for grammatical errors and proper punctuation, although that is a part of it; it is about making sure that one's presentation or statement makes the best possible splash and captivates the audience to do, believe, understand what is being presented.
Through my years of proofreading I have come up with many techniques that I can use and teach you so that your presentations are of the best quality possible. I am sorry to say, spell checking and grammar checking alone, will not always do the trick.

Public Speaking

I have 21 years of public speaking experience. I originally learned public speaking through Toastmaster's International. Since them I have gone on to use public speaking skills to provide inservice training for teachers in a variety of school districts.


Reading is essential to most other learning as it is used to teach most other subject matter. Often students miss out on a few simple concepts in kindergarten or first grade. Without this background knowledge, it is difficult if not impossible for them to become good readers. I will work with your child to figure out what gaps he/she may have in their reading skills and work to fill in those gaps so that they have all the necessary skills to be a successful and competant reader.

Special Needs

I have a Master's Degree in Special Education from Texas State University. I have taught special needs students for 12 years. Topics have included students labeled with emotional difficulties, ADHD, special learning needs, elective mutes, childhood schizophrenia, abandonment issues, anxiety-including test and school anxiety, behavior management, motivation, slow learners, resource students, anger management issues,and much more. I have worked outside the schools with mentally handicapped students providing respite care and other services as needed.


I am a certified teacher and have taught at the early elementary age for many years. I have taught phonics, and advanced phonics both of which are prerequisites to good reading and spelling. Spelling is typically a matter of correct pronunciation of a word, sounding it out, and then using phonetic skills to break the word into the letters needed to properly spell it. There are exceptions of course, but even those typically have "rules" that can be followed. In my vast experience, I have found that currently one of the biggest detriments to proper spelling is incorrect pronunciation of words. I work on this skill, which is often not addressed, so my success level tends to be much higher than that of others.

Study Skills

I have worked with students to improve their study skills for many years, and at all levels, even the adult level helping later-life students with college studies. As an educator and counselor, I bring a double whammy into my ability to improve study skills. I can do this because I address not only the academic side of studying, but the emotional side as well which deals with procrastination, lack of confidence, frustration, past poor teaching/performance in school, etc. Using this two pronged approach helps me to address the issue of study skills from all sides to ensure success for my students.


Vocabulary is essential to so many parts of a great education. Whether we like it or not, we are often judged by the choice of words we use. Potential employers, colleges, teachers, and even friends tend to make judgments about us based on our word choices.

In school, vocabulary is often related to specific courses. The better we understand the words used to describe the content of what we are learning, the better we can understand that topic.

A great vocabulary enhances one's writing and speaking skills without even trying. Being able to know and use the nuances of individual words evokes different interpretations, or meanings, when we hear them. Joy, bliss, ecstatic, happy, are all basically synonyms; yet there are subtle differences to the meaning of each one.

When is the best time to start improving one's vocabulary? Whatever time it is now! We are never to young or too old to have the privilege of increasing our word bank. However, the earlier one starts, the easier school and college entrance tests tend to be. Lack of vocabulary knowledge impedes reading comprehension which is essential for every subject, including math (as so many of the math requirements are now written as word problems.)

If you can't afford tutoring, there are many computer applications as well as the old school Reader's Digest vocabulary quizzes that can help improve one's knowledge of words.


Writing is a way to communicate using written language. Writing can be essential to ensure you are providing the information needed to make your point. Good writing can persuade your audience to agree with your viewpoint.

Many people struggle with writing because they do not know how to structure and formulate their thoughts into words that communicate what they want. I can help you put your words on paper in a meaningful way, whether this is through creative writing, a research paper, or simply in answering short essay questions. Great writing not only increases your ability to communicate effectively with the written word, it, oddly, makes you a better speaker as well. This means that you will be able to think faster and answer questions more effectively, and concisely whether in class or on a job interview.

Elementary Education (Pre-K-8th) Texas Lutheran University
Special Education Degree (All Levels) Texas State University
Counseling and Guidance Texas State University (School Counseling Certified)


Elementary Education (Pre-K-8th) Texas Lutheran University

Special Education Degree (All Levels) Texas State University (Master's)

Counseling and Guidance Texas State University (School Counseling Certified) (Master's)

Best tutor in San Antonio!!!

Ms Casey is the first tutor I've ever had and by far the best tutor I will ever have. Casey has not only help me score higher on my ASVAB test, but she has motivated me and has put more confidence in myself to take any test that comes my way. Every problem that I was struggling with in a certain ASVAB section she would put it in the best detail explanation that you can think of. I've always ha

— Bryan, Cibolo, TX on 3/5/15

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