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A tutor your child will love!
— Lauren, Sugar Land, TX on 9/21/12


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Miami University
B.A. Zoology


Miami University (B.A. Zoology)

About Yvonne

I help students master all the little strategies, tips, and tricks involved in mastering the ISEE. The ISEE is a standardized test, and high scores are achieved through hard work and timely preparation.

My tutoring career began at the Rinella Learning Center at Miami University helping my fellow college students master general chemistry. I then worked for and Varsity Tutors here in Houston, both excellent experiences that helped me fine-tune my teaching methods.

Chemistry is a curious subject, and I love to help students make it a favorite! My science-tutoring style involves visual aids and real life examples to show students that chemistry is a huge part of our every day lives. Understanding what makes chemistry "tick" is a wonderful eye opener for appreciating the beauty of our world.
Also, chemistry and math go hand in hand. A strong understanding of algebra principles makes this subject so much easier, and I focus on helping students fine-tune these skills.

And a little about me!
A proud pet-parent of a 150 lb. mastiff, one can find us exploring local parks around the greater Houston area! When I'm not tutoring/adventuring, I'm writing music and jamming on my guitar. I am also a self-proclaimed MacGyver; I firmly believe I can make anything out of anything.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
I help students master all the little strategies, tips, and tricks involved in mastering the ISEE. The ISEE is a standardized test, and high scores are achieved through hard work and timely preparation.

My tutoring career began at the Rinella Learning Center at Miami University helping my fellow college students master general
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"A tutor your child will love!"

- Lauren, Sugar Land, TX on 9/21/12
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Approved subjects

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Algebra 1

I am a math person and have excelled in any course that is math related. I have tutored up to college level algebra II at Miami University, and I have the understanding and insight of mathematics to help any student succeed in algebra I!

Gain a solid foundation for all future math courses by mastering order of operations.

Master topics such as:
expressing variables
adding/subtracting integers
adding/subtracting rational numbers
multiply/dividing rational numbers
solving equations
solving inequalities
linear equations
data analysis


I have three years of chemistry tutoring at the college level. Chemistry is presumed to be a very difficult subject for most, but most people cannot fully understand this subject by reading a text book or listening to a lecture. It is a very literal subject best explained using visual aids, examples, and real life scenarios.

Master topics such as:

balancing equations
oxidation numbers
gas laws
acid/base reactions
rate of reaction
naming compounds
forming products
nuclear chemistry


As a tutor, it is my job to teach students HOW to understand geometry. Success in geometry is all about developing a literal thought process, not just memorizing theorems, laws, and rules.

Master topics such as:

linear expressions
parameter and surface area for 2D shapes
parameter, surface area, and volume for 3D shapes
theorems and laws


Understanding how to correctly use grammar is key in becoming a good writer. Grammar is one of those subjects that over the course of a lifetime will never go away, and fortunately, learning correct grammar is just like learning how to ride a bike. Once you figure it out, you never forget!

Master topics such as:

sentence structure
clauses and phrases
verb conjugations
correct case of pronouns
run-on sentences
subordinate and coordinate conjunctions


I tutored for the ISEE when I worked for Varsity Tutors. I helped students review and practice strategies for the 5 sections on the ISEE.

Verbal Section
-Vocabulary strategies: memorizing prefixes and roots, applying prefixes and roots to the definition, labeling words as positive/negative, ruling out synonyms, using own context
-Sentence Completion: matching positive/negative, using context clues, applying process of elimination

Mathematics Section
-practice basic math skills such as multiplication tables, long-division, trends in numbers, and shortcuts to calculating
-review fundamentals of algebra, geometry, and reading graphs
-breaking down word problems

Quantitative Section
-review rules for eliminating certain answer choices
-practice making column A look like column B
-incorporating the importance of negative numbers and the concepts of greater than or less than

Reading Section
-review the 5 types of reading questions
-practice paying attention to what is stated in the passage
-focus on context clues to find what the author is inferring

Writing Section
-practice setting up an outline for intro, body, conclusion essay
-go over the fundamentals for writing a persuasive essay as well as an essay in response to an open-ended question
-practice using metaphors and imagery to be descriptive as well as spark the reader's interest


Taking the time to master prealgebra will set your child up for succeeding in any future math course. It is so important that students take the time to understand and master prealgebra because these basic principles are applied all the way through high school and beyond. Confidence in this subject area is very important!

Master topics such as:

order of operations
calculating exponents
writing algebraic expressions
word problems


I majored in zoology at Miami University because I love learning about animals and uncovering all aspects of life. My senior capstone was in animal behavior, and I have taken courses such as invertebrate zoology, environmental ecology, cell biology, and primate biology and behavior. I love sharing my interest and passion for the beautiful and puzzling animal kingdom!

Miami University
B.A. Zoology


Miami University (B.A. Zoology)

A tutor your child will love!

Need a kind, understanding, and patient tutor for your child? Vonnie is making a huge difference in my daughter's progress in Algebra. What I love is the fact hat Vonnie listens to what our needs are as a family. She is flexible and adjusts curriculum, and meets students right where they are. I no longer see frustration as my daughter works through her problems! Vonnie is a joy and we just lov

— Lauren, Sugar Land, TX on 9/21/12

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