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Accounting Expert as CPA with Big 4 and Industry Accounting Experience

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4.7 average from 197 ratings
Very patient and knowledgeable tutor
— Gerald, Dallas, TX on 6/8/14


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As a CPA, with Big 4 experience, industry accounting experience, my MBA, and certification in internal audit as well, I am an excellent source to assist one desiring above average results in their accounting, math, finance and other business courses. As a student, I broke the grading curves to my classmates' dismay in my accounting courses, and passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam in November 2002 with above average results. These credentials validating my above average knowledge and ability, along with more than 15 years of industry and public accounting experience in the business world, affords me the opportunity to assist you in obtaining above average results in your accounting, math, and other business courses. I have proven success tutoring university students to an A, and CPA Candidates to a CPA License, and can do the same for you. As a CPA, with Big 4 experience, industry accounting experience, my MBA, and certification in internal audit as well, I am an excellent source to assist one desiring above average results in their accounting, math, finance and other business courses. As a student, I broke the grading curves to my classmates' dismay in my accounting courses, and Read more

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"Very patient and knowledgeable tutor"

- Gerald, Dallas, TX on 6/8/14
Theresa replied on 1/27/2016

Gerald was a joy to work with as he came prepared with exactly what he wanted to cover and did exactly what I told him to do to successfully prepare to pass the Audit section of the exam. He was clearly serious about learning the material and had the right respect for the exam and was committed to putting in the hard work necessary to pass this challenging part of the exam. As someone who passed all four parts of the CPA exam in one week, I know exactly what it takes to prepare for and pass this exam. It starts with having the right respect for the exam which has been deemed more difficult than the bar exam by candidates who have sat for both.

"Very knowledgeable tutor"

- Janette, Dallas, TX on 3/16/17
Theresa replied on 3/16/2017

Thank you Janette for the kind words. Janette needed help understanding what changes in tax basis accounting when switching from a sole proprietorship to an professional association legal structure. I added value to the session by providing Texas franchise tax information and advising Janette to consult with her attorney on the legal requirements to maintaining the association status, and to consult with her tax professional on filing options and elections as a PA to choose the best path forward based on her unique circumstances and preferences.

"Great , Friendly and motivating Tutor."

- Eric, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA on 2/21/17
Theresa replied on 2/21/2017

Thank you for the positive feedback Eric. Just do the hard work outside our sessions to know the material and to solve the problems efficiently on the timed exam and you should achieve satisfactory results on the exam. The CPA exam is one of the hardest exams in the nation, if not the hardest, so it requires dedicated study effort. With a tight deadline to prepare, with your chosen testing date, the exam becomes that much more difficult to pass so you must commit all you time and effort these next two and 1/2 weeks to effective study. If you really want it, you can make it happen. I look forward to seeing your progress at our next session as well. Thank you.

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor."

- Nathan, Plano, TX on 1/16/17

"Great First Session - Knowledgeable, Personable, and Efficient -"

- Matthew, Dallas, TX on 11/6/16

"Finally found a great tutor!!"

- Richard, Dallas, TX on 9/3/16
Theresa replied on 9/7/2016

Thank you for the compliments. It is great working with a CPA candidate of your caliber. I look forward to our next session!

"Very knowledgeable tutor."

- Rayna, Frisco, TX on 7/7/16

"Life saver!"

- Helen, Dallas, TX on 7/6/16

"Very knowledgeable"

- Kirandeep, Mckinney, TX on 4/30/16

"Excellent Tutor, Expert in Excel, Accounting, and Financial Reporting and Management Topics"

- Jerone, The Colony, TX on 3/25/16

"Very Knowledgeable in Financial Reporting"

- Lynn, Carrollton, TX on 1/25/16
Theresa replied on 1/28/2016

Thank you Lynn. Even CPAs can struggle with determining with confidence the appropriate accounting, or reporting, treatment of a particular issue, especially when the situation is unique, and in need of a third party to provide an objective opinion. Lynn was smart to reach out for help to ensure she had the right answer. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Lynn is proof you do not have to be a student to benefit from a WyzAnt tutor. It was a real treat to assist Lynn.

"Excellent Tutor. Kind, Respectful, Expert in Accounting"

- Tee, Dallas, TX on 1/15/16
Theresa replied on 1/18/2016

Thank you Tee for the kind words. Tee was also respectful and kind. I wish I had more clients like Tee. Tee definitely had the ability to comprehend my explanations for the appropriate accounting and reporting treatment of the complex issues Tee brought to my attention. My 15+ years of accounting and financial reporting experience always seems to make a difference and I was glad to be of assistance to Tee. I look forward to working with Tee again.

"Easily one of the Worst Tutoring Experiences I've Had..."

- Christopher, Dallas, TX on 12/22/15
Theresa replied on 1/13/2016

Christopher, the student with the error ridden unfair and false comments above, demonstrated himself to be one who did not want to do the work to learn and one who does not have the natural ability to comprehend certain accounting topics and issues. After confessing he has been in multiple investment internships and having to continue to search for and interview for a new internship, he asked me to help him prepare for such an interview. He suggested this next interview would require he be able to answer specific questions which would demonstrate his understanding of accounting for financial information, how the basic financial statements work together, and what they represent. When I suggested he secure and study basic accounting material outside of our sessions, based on my observations of his lack of understanding of basic accounting, so we could move at a faster pace and have more effective meetings going forward, and when I further asked him to bring in some 10-K's for us to use in our sessions to demonstrate how to understand and analyze financial information, he bailed before our next session, proving my observation during our sessions to be correct in that he did not want to exert any effort to learn the material.
Our time together was spent with me providing Chris with a few tips on successful interviewing, but mainly attempting to help him understand how accounting affects the financials and how the three basic financial statements work together, just as he requested, which required more time because of Chris' clear lack of demonstrated understanding of accounting and financial reporting basics. Given Chris' demonstrated lack of ability, asserted multiple past internships, and clear lack of effective communications per his own written comments above which was written poorly, with false information, bad grammar and misspellings to include my name, one has to question the motives and merits of Chris' feedback and I have to question his chosen career path.
What resources? If Chris can't specify what resources he reached out to, it can't be deemed credible. What did Chris show them versus me? Again, not credible. I have over 1000 hours and too many 5 stars and positive written feedback for Chris's comments to be given any merit. If there is really another tutor, HE is just telling Chris what he wants to hear and did the work for Chris and at the end of the day Chris will be attempting to secure yet another internship unless Chris decides to actually do the hard work himself necessary to prove himself in his job. To boot, if it did in fact take another tutor an hour to go over material Chris anticipated going over with me, and Chris actually understands accounting and financial reporting now, it is because of the 3 hours I spent trying to get Chris to comprehend basic accounting and financial reporting first. It means Chris finally absorbed what I was saying and I pulled off yet another miracle teaching someone who demonstrated clear lack of ability.

"Knowledgeable and detailed"

- Marissa, Dallas, TX on 7/2/15

"Very knowledgeable and patient tutor."

- Manas, Carrollton, TX on 6/12/15

"Inconsiderate - disrespectful"

- Liam, Fort Worth, TX on 3/24/15
Theresa replied on 1/28/2016

Only someone who didn't really want the lesson to begin with would write this kind of feedback and I was not ignoring Liam to boot. This was going to be our first lesson and he does not even know my work schedule, making Liam the inconsiderate and disrespectful one. We had two hours scheduled and I planned my day and weekend around this planned session. If LIam really wanted a lesson he would have called me to reschedule, but he never did call me. If Liam really wanted a lesson, he would have asked about rescheduling, suggesting a specific day and time option(s) for the rescheduled date, when he cancelled on short notice via text, but he didn't. My guess is he didn't want to pay $60 per hour and had no intent to reschedule, but when he saw the cancellation fee, he was upset he was going to be paying anyway due to his short cancellation, so he thought he would write this incorrect unfair bridge burning feedback out of spite for the cancellation fee, and possibly also in hopes the feedback would lead to WyzAnt crediting back the fee.. He cancelled on the 21st with a text message and I responded on the morning of the 22nd asking if he wanted to reschedule and he ignored me all day, so I submitted the cancellation fee that evening. I sent another text message on the morning of the 23rd and then focused on my project which had a 25th deadline and needed 100% of my attention. My cell phone is not designed to alert me when a text message comes through and because I had a project deadline I needed to focus on, I didnt check my text messaging the rest of the day. The next thing I know I see a notice from WyzAnt via email on the 24th, one day after my follow-up inquiry to Liam asking whether or not he intended to reschedule, saying I had Liam's feedback, and I was astounded by the rudeness and unfairness of the feedback as well as the misleading and false information contained in the feedback. If Liam really wanted the lesson to begin with, why would he create feedback of this nature versus calling me to discuss rescheduling? If I offered to reschedule and deduct the cancellation fee, then why would he not make every effort to call me and give us time to set something up versus provide this bridge burning false misleading feedback one day after I text messaged him again when he didn't pick up to ask about rescheduling? Also, Liam makes it seem like we didnt discuss me putting together some of my own material for the session and reserving the conferencing room. He starts out saying the cancellation fee was understandable, so he can come across as more believable in the subsequent sentences designed to make me look like the bad guy. Liam is the only one who was inconsiderate and disrespectful in cancelling on short notice, ignoring me on the 22nd as I tried to reschedule with him, and then submitting his false misleading feedback with purposefully omitted facts and misleading statements. His actions reflect he didn't want to pay the $60 per hour rate, otherwise he would not have burned a bridge with his feedback and provided such feedback one day after my inquiry into his intentions to reschedule. My profile and history with WyzAnt students since 2011 supports I am not someone who would be disrespectul and inconsiderate and I did not deserve this negative feedback which taints an otherwise positive 5 star quality profile. Luckily I know that anyone with common sense can see Liam, and not me, was the inconsiderate disrespectful one. And Liam proved himself to be one who lacks integrity with his actions and false misleading bias unfair feedback.

"Great tutor and very knowledgeable"

- Jocelyn, Garland, TX on 9/22/14

"Good Tutor!"

- Lydia, Richardson, TX on 12/13/13

"The best tutor for Accounting!"

- Judy, Plano, TX on 8/12/12

"If you want an "A" schedule a session with Theresa B.!"

- Shannon, Rowlett, TX on 5/9/12

"Great 1st time"

- Latonya, Lewisville, TX on 11/27/11
Theresa replied on 11/29/2011

Thank you Latonya for the kind words. I enjoyed the lesson and meeting you as well.

To benefit any potential employer or student who may read this feedback, I would like to take this opportunity to elaborate on the Lesson, as this one involved not only accounting, but Excel usage. I have used Excel for more than 10 years, and have developed and worked with many complex spreadsheets utilizing multiple applications, functions, and micros, etc., simultaneously within a single workbook over the years.

The assignment required Latonya to create journal entries from various described period activity, and then develop financials in Excel based on the known prior year financial account balances and the new period activity.

I not only assisted Latonya with identifying needed journal entry corrections, explaining the "why" to any correction, but also showed Latonya how to develop a trial balance and financials in an efficient manner using Excel, establishing cell links to other cells and spreadsheets within the workbook to mitigate the risk of input error and improve the efficiency of the compilation process for future use.

I enjoyed sharing my knowledge of a better way to approach the compilation process in Excel in addition to sharing my expertise in accounting, especially the financial reporting component of accounting, as this is one of my favorite parts of the accounting process!

"Terrific tutor, teaches concepts very clearly and demonstrates mastery of subject"

- Michael, Dallas, TX on 11/10/11

"Wonderful results with this tutor. Very patient, very accommodating to schedules, quickly addressed the weaknesses of student."

- Judy, Dallas, TX on 9/19/11
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Accounting is my specialty as a CPA with 10 plus years of experience in accounting and auditing. You can't go wrong choosing me as your tutor of general accounting, tax, financial reporting, and audit courses. See my profile description for a better understanding of the excellence I bring to the table as an accounting tutor.


My expertise in business comes from my master's and bachelor's degree in business administration as well as my years of experience in business, serving companies that range in size from the international large market business entity to the small business entity.

Career Development

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Tax Preparation

I have more than 6 years of experience preparing tax returns and passed the CPA exam, which included tax, making a very high score in this section of the exam. I can easily tutor one through this topic.



UT (Accounting)


Very patient and knowledgeable tutor

Theresa did a great job in explaining to me the auditing concepts to in and around an engagement to a non-auditor. In addition to explaining the concepts, Theresa took the time to talk about her experiences in an auditing engagement and how the foundation of the principles spoken about in the text are applied in real life. Those aspects of Theresa's knowledge about the subject matter helped me r

— Gerald, Dallas, TX on 6/8/14

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