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— Caleb, Cedar Park, TX on 12/4/11


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Emporia State University
B.S. Social Sciences
Graduate Coursework


Emporia State University

B.S. Social Sciences (Graduate Coursework)

About Bret

My experience with a variety of subjects is quite extensive.

I have a Masters Degree in Education and a Generalist Teaching Credential for the State of Texas. That certifies me to teach grades 4-8 in math, English, science and social studies plus twenty four years in the classroom teaching the same subjects to grades 7 through 12.

As I mentioned above, my background is very strong. With more than twenty years of classroom experience, I have the ability to work with a variety of ages and temperaments. That's at least eight thousand hours of teaching math, English, science and social studies. College level work is also within my range of expertise.
My experience with a variety of subjects is quite extensive.

I have a Masters Degree in Education and a Generalist Teaching Credential for the State of Texas. That certifies me to teach grades 4-8 in math, English, science and social studies plus twenty four years in the classroom teaching the same subjects to grades 7 through 12.
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- Caleb, Cedar Park, TX on 12/4/11
Bret replied on 9/15/2012

Hi Caleb:
Thank you for being so gracious with your comments. I enjoy history a whole lot and when I have a chance to help someone understand the key points, I feel like I have accomplished something. The story of our country has impacted this world in a way that no one could have foreseen. I believe that story is still being told and one that we all can learn from. Good luck in your future studies!

"Great tutor"

- NIck, Austin, TX on 11/12/14
Bret replied on 1/7/2016

Thank you, Nick. Since writing is so essential for successful graduate work I am glad that my guidance gave you the tools you needed to do well in your studies.

"Horrible teacher and unprofessional"

- Jonathan, Austin, TX on 9/10/12
Bret replied on 9/15/2012

Hi Jonathan:
Thank you for your feedback. Your honesty is greatly appreciated because it helps me to improve my presentation so that I can be more effective as a teacher and as a resource person. I am very sorry I was not able to help you like I wanted to. Anatomy and Physiology presents great challenges in how to explain the material and therefore requires me to step it up so that a person can easily understand the basics of living organisms. We both saw that when we discussed the cell structure and the make up of the atom. I wish you the very best in your class work and hope you find someone who is a match. Feel free to contact me any time if you need assistance. Have a great week.

Algebra 1,
Algebra 2, Discrete Math, Elementary Math, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Prealgebra,
SAT Math
ACT Science,
Anatomy, Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Genetics,
Geology, Philosophy, Physical Science
ACT English, ACT Reading, Bible Studies, English,
Grammar, Proofreading, Public Speaking, Reading,
SAT Reading,
SAT Writing, TOEFL, Vocabulary, Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT English, ACT Reading, ACT Science,
College Counseling, GRE, MCAT, NCLEX, SAT Math, SAT Reading,
SAT Writing, TAKS,
American History,
Anthropology, Criminal Justice, European History,
Government & Politics,
Religion, Social Studies,
World History
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math, Grammar, Reading,
Spelling, Vocabulary
Business, Economics, Finance, GRE, Law, Marketing, Public Speaking, Tax Preparation

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


I have worked with a variety of accounting methods and procedures. This can include managing income statements and/or calculating cost of goods sold. Using the proper formulas is essential to effectively teaching the course and making it understandable to students.

Up until only recently the Practice Set was the tool most often referred to in helping students with accounting principles. Today, without the Practice set a student must rely on their ability to handle individual concepts and memorized formulas. That is even more difficult and is why effective tutoring is the key.

ACT Science

I have worked for years to help students get ready for college entrance exams and other related academic testing. I always focus on those subjects where students have the most difficulty. With more than 25 years of classroom experience s a substitute teacher, I have worked with students from all backgrounds. That is why I can help you the best!

Algebra 1

Algebra One is a fun way to understand math. In the classroom I focus on the steps the students must take to solve each problem. It is all about putting numbers together in a sequence. After I present the problems to the students we work through each one together so they can earn to solve them on their own.

American History

My background in American History includes a half dozen college courses, hundreds of hours of classroom teaching and writing books. I love the topic and enjoy explaining why certain people, places and events were important!


My experience teaching middle school and high school students in almost all subjects allows me the opportunity to assist with the ASVAB. This military exam is a review of grades 8 to 10 and offers every student the chance to show their skills.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have worked with students in the classroom for more than ten years. That includes assisting them with a variety of subjects such as math, English, science and social studies.

My classroom experience has been a mixture of group instruction and one on one guided learning. The group instruction permitted me to make a presentation to all students of the work they were assigned to complete. The one on one guided learning allowed me the opportunity to individually guide a student through each step of the learning experience.

In math that meant reviewing formulas and procedures. In English that included understanding context and sentence structure. In science that meant learning certain facts and data and in social studies that involved knowing dates, events, documents signed and wars fought and won. A full understanding of the subject matter was necessary for me to be effective.


I assess each students English skills by asking them to write a paragraph that looks like a journal entry. The paragraph must be four sentences and give a detailed description. It is from that sample that I help them self correct their work and show them the steps to better writing and better English. Each sentence they write, they take one more step toward English and writing comprehension.

European History

For several years I have worked with students to help them see how the story of humankind throughout the world has unfolded and how one event led to another. Charlemagne was considered one of Europe's greatest monarchs. The history of Europe is rich in landmark power struggles. I have helped students see those events and understand how they impacted the world.


During the past few years my work has included the opportunity to teach Biology and General Science to students at various grade levels. Genetics has been a central theme of those studies. In part our focus was to show students how specific information about traits is transferred from one form of species to another. The basic building blocks of DNA and RNA were examined in detail.

Then as each course progressed the method for understanding the transference has been included throughout the course of study. The goal has been to provide a clear understanding of how living creatures are able to generate or pass on to their offspring the kinds of traits that are common to their species.

These classroom experiences have included power point presentations showing the diverse background and traits of different living things. It has also included mini- labs where students worked on group projects that showed the manner in which DNA, RNA and the Punnets Square fit into the determinations of genetic transference.

Some strategies may require more or less student involvement but the main focus was and is to help the student comprehend the importance of genetics in every day life.


For years I have been comparing the cultures of the modern world to those of ancient civilizations. Whether it be how a people group connects as a whole or the resources they depend on for survival. This is key to understanding the growth of societies all over the world.

Government & Politics

In the classroom I use examples from the real world about how elections happen and how national and world affairs can be effected by a strong governing body. Our country developed from a small local governing assembly and became the strongest and most durable system in the world. The citizenry got involved and now we are making a difference when it is needed to be done.

Physical Science

For several years I have worked with students to help them grasp the physical features of the earth's surface. We used maps, graphs and globes to give a full explanation of how the surface of the earth adjusts and changes to meet its own needs. We often use earth models to fully understand the structure and changes that can be found.


I have more than ten years experience guiding students through math equations and explaining how to understand the word problems they work on. Comprehension is key. Knowing how to work through equations is the key to grasping each problem.


Over the last ten years I have used a variety of strategies to improve reading comprehension. Among those is word recognition and story reflection. With word recognition I check to see if there are any words that make no sense or who have confusing meanings. Story reflection is where we both can see how the story unfolds as we work through each sentence and paragraph.

SAT Reading

I have guided many students in preparing for the SAT. Since the test is a comprehensive review of their secondary education, my background as a classroom teacher is very helpful toward their success. The material speaks for itself and can be explained to a person who is truly dedicated to learning.

Social Studies

As a graduate of Emporia State University my Bachelor's in Social Science is a very important reason why I believe I have the talent to help students understand and comprehend the field of social studies and related subjects.

My work in college was strongly supported by my studies in World History, American History, Ancient Civilizations and the study of various world cultures. In addition, my work on economics, government and philosophy has been a great asset in allowing me to help students better understand how humanity has interacted with each other over the centuries.

I work with students every day in the classroom and use my background in the social sciences to equip them with the necessary understanding of how world cultures differ and how they still impact each other and thus impact humanity.


During the past six years one of my roles in the classroom has been to assist students in the preparation for the TAKS. This has included guiding students through assignments that carefully calibrated their level of competency.

Essays, short stories, journal entries and current events reading were often the methods used to prepare students and classes for the demanding nature of the exam.

Their ability to understand complex sentences and the word structures that were contained in any given writing were among the methods used to determine their level of comprehension.

For math, the students were required to complete packets containing questions, problems, and formulas so they could show with written examples their step by step process for solving each equation.

Science, English and social studies were evaluated in a grade by grade and age appropriate manner as determined by state guidelines.

My approach was a mixture of one to one direct assistance and the group method where instruction was for the entire class. Both strategies served an appropriate purpose.


My education background is in history and literature so I can write in a spontaneous manner. Since I am also a classroom teacher I do work with people of various ages and grade levels.

Emporia State University
B.S. Social Sciences
Graduate Coursework


Emporia State University

B.S. Social Sciences (Graduate Coursework)


First of all, what an insightful man. His knowledge of history and everything beyond the facts was close to inspirational. Jumping right into what I needed to know was what he did, along with everything you would want more from a tutor. He explained everything in great detail along with the intertwining of how it really impacted history. His immense knowledge and patience with me was more than I w

— Caleb, Cedar Park, TX on 12/4/11

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